Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Thrift Store Shopping Part 2

This is Theo's Niche where I picked up some accessories

This bag was only 50 cent they were having a super sale where it was cut to 99 cent and then cut in half to 50 cent can you believe it and it's so perfect for the summer!


I picked up these two belts 50 cent a piece!

All 3 pair were on sale as is and cost me 52 cent!!! I spent about 2 dollars total in this store, so all together my thfiting trip cost me about 7 dollars and some change! I'm in love with thrifting they might us well hitch us now I'll sign the engagement papers now.


  1. love the cute bag<3 what a great deal!

  2. I love those earrings! great finds!

  3. OMG that bag is so cute! I can't believe you got it for only 50 cents!! It's so in trend with the pastel craze going on right now.