Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seriousness and Self Esteem

    I know this blog is all about fashion and style, but I'd like to take a moment and post something much deeper that we all have in common, self esteem.Money,clothes,jewelry,make up sounds like a nice list right, but one thing needed in this life we live is self esteem. Self esteem and confidence couldn't be more necessary to this big scary world we live in. Self esteem and confidence help build the necessary character to withhold a strong opinion and not be swayed by the masses. Honestly speaking, young women tend to be targets society tends to try to train the young women's eye to believe what they believe, not because they're cruel but because it's financially beneficial for them. We, as the youth, and as cheesy as it sounds we really are the future we need to take control and hold that control with an iron grip about what we want to see and what we believe in. We want to see diversity, we believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Self esteem is required when we we are swallowed up by images on a day to day basis representing a small amount of the population.
   Accepting that beauty comes in both light skin and dark, from a size 1 to a size 12 the necessary skills in self esteem and confidence are needed for everyone because we all want to be accepted but we all aren't so finding a safe place where you are comfortable within yourself is a much better gift than any skirt or new lip stick and all the material things are mere accessories to the outstanding beauty lying inside you.

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