Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women Bashing Other Women

      I've heard it before time and time again "she's just intimidated by me because I'm a female", "she's just jealous because I'm pretty", "all women are always catty", "I can't make friends with girls they're always drama", these tired stereotypical phrases need to go extinct immediately. When stating prejudicial statements on all women all it does is prove how immature or ignorant the woman stating said offensive comments and puts all women including herself down, but in the society we live in regardless of every offensive remark there is a woman out there proving them wrong with no trouble at all.
       You're thinking, as a woman she has the right to speak on all women but that's not true. You wouldn't like a man speaking on all women as if he wrote the book on them, and a woman doing so is no better if anything, worse. Women are fed these tiresome rules of cattiness and drama and other kinds of stereotypical behavior at a young age but as we grow older we grow out of what is being forced down our throats and take control of our own minds. Yet every so often these phrases like some of those said above still manage to crawl out the deepest darkest hollows of a person's mind and manage to set back that woman and only set herself back, because one woman does not stand for us all, thankfully.
  For every misogynistic opinion stated there are other people who are willing to step up and effortlessly prove them wrong, so don't underestimate us because of what you heard just be aware of what you see.


  1. I SO agree with this post!

    xoxo -Shar

  2. great post!