Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Thought My Heart Was Made of Wood But I Can Hear It Beat

Hey guys! So remember that book all about positivity and laws of attraction I was reading well it works. I'm not saying that I've gained all these axing things since I began to partake in the book and it's teachings but I feel better my hope is stronger and I'm more grateful for my life as is and I've stopped focusing on everything I don't have I just focus on the fact that I will have it eventually. My heart isn't as heavy anymore and it feels amazing. Wetseal ripped capris and a tee from Kmart. Thrifted earrings.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Demi Lovato is On Tumblr


   Demi Lovato took to the blogging platform Tumblr to share all her tour photos which you can see here http://demilovato.tumblr.com/ I'm especially excited for her use of Tumblr as you all know I picked Demi as my Summer Style Icon..wait you didn't know that didn't you hmm perhaps if you liked my facebook page www.facebook.com/deejayspeaks you would of seen the update lol but, I'm seriously excited to see all the style depicted on her Tumblr. Tumblr is growing popular second by second in a previous post http://www.deejayspeaks.blogspot.com/2012/07/azealia-banks-and-alexander-wang.html where I recently brought up Azealia Banks leaving Twitter behind for Tumblr. Can you imagine, the shopping trips,recent purchases,makeup looks this girl has to share on Tumblr, I'll be bookmarking her page will you?

Monday Is Link Love Day!

  Yep that's right Monday is the new day to not wake up grouchy like a Garfield imitator but it's the day to share some love, link love that is!

Mila Kunis Miss Dior!

  I love Mila Kunis, I love her in almost every role she's in I love her, attitude, personality and now I love her as the face of Dior! Mila went on and  described Dior and seems to love it as much as we love her "Very classic,very consistent, really elegant and really beautiful", is what she gushed about Dior to Glamour Magazine.

  This is the Autumn-Winter sneak peek and I'm sure the commercials will be all over our television screens I'm merely trying to take the slightest notes, on the styling in this teaser!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Body Bashing and Self Worth

  Size and color does not matter, nor does it equal the worthiness of an individual nor does it affect the inner self of said individual. I keep seeing all this bashing on bodies lately and it's starting to bother me so get ready for a good rant guys. Whether a size 16 or a size 6 you have no right to impose your opinions nor, your comments on someone's figure and if you do please recognize that you will be ignored. Women are consistently the targets for this kind of size prejudice and hate, the lack of self esteem in young girls is a result of a superficially driven society, where they put cookie cutter man made images on everything and try to feed  to you what you should look like versus what you do. Even those who model cookie cutter extremes don't really look like everyone is a Photo-shopping wizard nowadays, but no one wants to take credit for their handiwork huh?
  It's one thing when you want to put spotlight on being healthy and another to bash someone over something they often cannot control. Body bashing is on both those who are considered "skin and bones" and those who are considered not so skin and bones and those who lie snuggled up unnoticed in the middle. I say we as women take our power back, we need to take back what we define as beautiful and teach that to the youth. Instead of pounding in young girl's heads, "your hair is beautiful", "your skin is beautiful", even though it's true why can't we teach them their confidence is beautiful? Why can't being independent and strong be considered just as beautiful as a pair of full lips, or blazing green eyes? You may not be able to see my sense of humor but you can sure hear it when I open my mouth, though for some reason that's not put as high on the totem pole of sexy right?
  We are so much more than what lies on the outside, and we need to also recognize what lies on the outside is also beautiful as what is within, and once that philosophy is taught and owned maybe we won't hear about all these outrageous wild antics that some young girls do. Some girls do questionable wild and crazy things out of boredom, out of attention but you never hear "oh I got wasted and danced on a bar fell off and got Snoop Dogg tatted on my back because I have so much self worth". If we can teach how much confidence is important than maybe we as people will be able to carry ourselves better and the world will better recognize that women are a force to be reckoned with, if they're not already aware.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Obsessed!

        I need to buy the recent House of Night Book: Destined. I'm a huge fan of the House of Night series based on an alternative universe where vampyres(yes with a y) roam the Earth among us.These vampyres don't live forever and don't die easily either.They start off being found by the Tracker, a vampyre destined to search for growing vampyre fledglings.
      The main character is the Native American Zoey Redbird, 16 years old when she finds out whoops she's a vampyre she runs away from her home where her mother practically worships her step-father an overtly religious,intolerable creature who of course hates vampyres.She is found by her grandmother and is sent to the House of Night a school for vampyre fledglings to grow properly and healthy so they can make the Change with no problem, and if they don't make the Change well they die.
   It's a great read for sci-fi lovers like me the only problem I've ever had with Zoey is I feel she needed more character developement transitioning from human to a vampyre.You'd think there would be a few more hitches along the way but besides that I find it enjoyable. It's not necessarily a serious read, but it's fun and when I saw that Destined was currently within my grasp, I practically let out a sob.I'm a bit  money-less and that moment and all I could do was a take a picture which you can see on my instagram @deejayzface. 

Azealia Banks and Alexander Wang

 Azealia Banks is the current up and coming musical artist, known for her hot purple hair and fierce lyrics and bumping music and now is the face of Alexander Wang's collection T. Watch Azealia and Alexander team up in this spectacular music meets fashion clip!

   Alexander Wang went on after this to say " She exudes a certain rawness that makes her a very unique talent", Wang told Style.com. I,personally am feeling Azealia's wild spirited music and style she has recently put her focus on being a vocalist and leaving the rap game behind, you can catch Azealia on tumblr http://azealiabanks.tumblr.com/.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Link Love!!

  I do believe this shall be a new series on  the blog labeled Link Love! I would love to share some links with you that I find interesting and chock full awesomeness

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Pledge

     Hello guys, this post is a big whopping question so do feel free to leave a comment or tips? My question is how do these big top notch fashion and style blogs get so much coverage and traffic? I know what you're thinking I'm not supposed to blog for traffic and I don't I blog for me, anyone who's read my posts know that I do this out of sheer hobby and it's enjoyable I love sharing my sense of style and opinion, which is why I created this blog but sharing takes 2 one person to share and someone to be shared with. I'm not complaining I love my followers I love you guys who comment and seemingly enjoy my corny, bad humor and my unhealthy EBay obsession.  I want you guys to feel comfortable to come to this blog and know there's something to see some kind of discussion to take part in, feel free to leave an opinion I love hearing what you have to say, and I want others to feel the same way I have few posts coming up that are less style and bit more political and text filled I want you to feel comfortable leaving a comment but remember no one likes a cyber-bully no Cap-locks shall be abused on my watch understand. 
  Back to my initial question, how do these bloggers get up to the 1000s worth of followers but sometimes the blog lacks content to be perfectly honest, they post a picture, label who they're wearing and then disappear to go do something fabulous. I always wonder how do these people get so many FB likes on their page, and all these followers on Twitter and I decided to make a pledge in response to all my questioning.

  I, Dinesha Renee Johnson pledge to maintain a great blogger status by partaking in such social sites as

  • Instagram follow me here http://web.stagram.com/n/deejayzface/ you guys seriously don't know what you're missing you need to follow my Instagram like now immediately in this very moment why are you still reading this have you followed me yet?
  • FB my facebook page is simply put killing them okay like you need to get familiar with the Facebook kids I mean it www.facebook.com/deejayspeaks
  • Twitter I am thee most polite optimistic dorky tweeter in the world why wouldn't you follow me so guess what go follow me! https://twitter.com/deejayhasspoken
  • You know I'm on youtube right...oh yea you didn't because you don't really love me do you?! I'm kidding but if you want to put a voice to the blog definitely watch some of my starter videos on youtube home to random song interludes and Teen Wolf rants http://www.youtube.com/user/Deejayspeaking?feature=mhee
Part 2 of this here pledge is
I, Dinesha Renee Johnson pledge to be real,legit and awesome 100% of the time and that my photo quality will improve soon enough, if I have to rob one of those DSLR wielding hipsters by golly I will have a camera!!! (seriously though those kids have cameras taking bathroom shots like it's a phone camera just why would you have one of the most amazing and expensive cameras ever and you're in the bathroom with your yellow ducky shower curtains get of here!) I also pledge to have back up posts chock full of persona so you never feel neglected my loves toodles!

Black What!?!?!?

 Black Milk darling, they are currently my new obsession on Instagram of which you can follow here http://web.stagram.com/n/deejayzface/ and now allow me to share with you these awesome leggings by Black Milk! 

I'm all about these monochromatic leggings nothing like statement pants to pump up the life in an outfit through the simple use of leggings!

 Picture wearing a long black tunic in the Fall and throwing on some awesome boots and red accessories with these!

Emotional Panda Leggings

If these weren't meant to wear at the club or a kick-butt party then just where are they meant to be worn????

All of you know I'm a great big comic book geek when I saw these I almost screamed...okay I shrieked but just a tad ok 

Woman in Red Ep. 1 Leggings
 For more be sure to stalk Black Milk at http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/collections/leggings/ I know I will.

Starships Were Meant To Fly!!!!

   I have been doing some soul searching,you see I have been fighting with myself back and forth in participating in this positive gratitude challenge in this book called The Secret The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. The book is about reminding yourself of all the positives in your life and takes away all the negative in return. I admit that I have issues when it comes to staying positive I am very hard on myself and when things don't go my way I get impatient, frustrated, obsessive and depressed and it's just a downward spiral.I don't want to be this way anymore, so I am trying to follow the methods of the book to better myself and mindset.
Outfit Details: Top I can't remember, Mossimo Shorts from Target, Earrings Ebay

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alarmingly Orange!!!

Here's an OOTD I know I haven't done one in a while but frankly I haven't been out much and lacked a bit of motivation but here I am guys! This is a neglected orange lace crop top from Charlotte Russe with my thrifted light mint blue shorts. I also just did Teen Wolf review today be sure to check that out guys.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recently Discovered White Frogs

  White Frog is a drama-comedy film about a teenager, Nick Young (portrayed by BooBoo Stewart) with Asperger’s syndrome who idolizes his older, seemingly perfect brother Chaz Young (portrayed by Harry Shum Jr.) When tragedy strikes watch Nick and his family come together to triumph over the challenges they face. 
  I have a little thing for Indie films and I will definitely be trying to catch this one, and guess who else is in it guys...Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf! Check out this interview by Tina Q. Nguyen and get a few more deets on Teen Wolf!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Branding Part One: Self Survey

 Brand, and I don't mean Russel. I need to establish just how to brand myself. What am I exactly-I'm a style loving individual with a knack for creative writing but, so are a lot of people. I I need to brand myself as something different, something that stands out and is needed. I need to establish a brand for myself and create more staying power so I can gain some kind of foot hold in the media and then everyone can share in my dynamic blogging antics(I'm pushing it a little but who cares). I did some research on this whole branding thing and I found this awesome article that really simplified this whole branding game for me  from Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com/1769746/celebrity-branding-what-if-im-not-special.
  When trying to brand yourself whether as some top notch socialite, cosmetologist,stylist you have to stand out from the rest of your competition which brings us to a few questions I came up with that  you should ask yourself when going about creating your brand

1.What makes you special in your own specific industry?
I'm a relate able blogger, who loves creative writing,talking,trying new things and who uses the internet as her personal sidewalk to chalk her name all over. I have a gift of gab with a golden tongue and when I'm not either styling and profiling, I'm exercising my right to be outrageous, the things that makes me stand out is my  many personas!

2.What are you really good at? 
Writing about, almost all of everything and talking and singing and once again talking.

3.Have you networked?
I'm working on it.
4.Have you connected with the media such as twitter,facebook,instagram, or any other outlets?
I most certainly have.

5.Do you have a site with your name on, such as a developed profile?
You can find that here  http://itsmyurls.com/dineshajohnson 

6.Do you blog?

7.Are you giving, in terms of building relationships with other people in the media?
Most definitely I love sharing positive opinions on blogger posts and giving credit when credit is due like on my blogger inspirations, the bloggers I follow are epic how could I not share their fabulousness with my lovely followers?

8.Have you built a relationship with your audience?
I talk to you guys who read my blog like your my bffs if that's not a relationship I don't know what is, like someone needs to educate me on that, because bffs sounds like a doggone good relationship to me.

   So it looks like I've done quite well as far as branding myself, but I need to work on networking which will be Part 2.

Deejay Is A Geek

   Deejay Is A Geek is a new segment on the blog that I wanted to add because this blog is me and that means all aspects of me which means letting you see my not always so fabulous side *insert excuse to be obsessive here*. I am obsessed with anything comic book related specifically Marvel but I try not to pick favorites, I used to be a huge Archies fan which I still am so you could imagine how I've been flipping out about the Betty and Veronica inspired Mac collection coming out! By the way there shall be Teen Wolf reviews here and don't worry I will always label them spoiler alert and what not okay and um yeah that's all letting you know the heads up on the blog hopefully you're a geek like me and you like it toodles! You can check out the first official Deejay Is A Geek Post here chicas( that's girls for my non-bilingual sisters)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Warning I Am A

     Nerd. So as you know Comic Con has gone and went and I do believe I'm adding "visit Comic Con" to my bucket list. I always obsess over Comic Con and all the specials like I would obsess over Fashion Week(maybe even a bit more gasp, I know). I created a polyvore dedicated to my main obsession about Comic Con and that is

Geek Out

MARVEL! If you don't think that Hulk bag is cute something is not quite right with you but it's okay because you are in a judge free zone :) I was on a Marvel obsessed tirade desperately hoping for some new movie trailer premieres or perhaps some dates and I found this on Facebook via moviepilot.com guys!

Photo: THE FALCON has been cast for in Captain America 2!? Find out who it is HERE: http://mvp.to/Mf4mOf

  The Falcon has been casted in Captain America 2!!! The Falcon will be played by Anthony Mackie and I didn't even know they were going to add the Falcon and if you've never read the comics *SPOILERS* Captain America: The Winter Soldier is (I'm assuming because of the title) where Bucky Barnes makes his return as a villain very interesting plot. I must say I'm soo excited for this film I don't think I can wait until 2014 to see it!

The Fall Movement For Forever21

  I'm ready for the Fall trends after seeing this fashion movie by Forever21. I'm in love with the studded black cap, it's extremely hipster but I like it because it represents bringing back that gothic chic, grunge look I hold so dear. I want my old graphic tee, grunge chic look back Summer has been great in bringing out my feminine side but it's back to basics once the Fall comes through.
   I can see my Fall wardrobe being drowned in heavy dark knits,combat boots, and chunky cuffs, large dagger-like earrings with heavy metal cuffs on on my wrists, leather fitted jackets,and rocker tees with neon bright denim, an extra sharp cat-eye to match with plum lipstick yes I am ready for Fall!

I'm A Bit Obsessed...So What!

  I love the natural look, from a natural head of hair to a natural face but playing in makeup is a right reserved for us all and I shall exercise my right to switch it up now and then, so here it is guys my current obsessions!

I Need A Drug Store Haul Bad

I have been in need of an amazing glowy bronzer it's so perfect for the warm weather to give you that tropical, beachy, summer look for your skin and the dark purple Revlon lip butter is a great transition to the fall. The chubby sticks by Clinique,need I say more the sticks look very pigmented that berry lip *faints*. The BH palette for the Party Girl mhhmm that's another pun I hear is awesomely pigmented and I really want to play with more color in my eye make up looks and what girl doesn't need a good blush,I mean that's probably one essential I haven't experimented with properly and I've been dying to!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Did You See The Introduction

 Hi this is my face...again and I'm talking about myself so if your interested in the voice behind the blog simply click.

My Hair Relationship

My hair and I have had a rocky relationship as you should know if you have seen my other posts on natural hair. Awkward lengths and outrageous shrinkage have strained our friendship but I have found a way to work around such difficulties. My hair,she grows and holds a curl and maintains shine and health with none other than....grease. Yeah grease as in hair grease thick with petrolatum and then all the healthy stuff after it. I have plenty of healthy hair habits such as conditioning my hair, deep conditioning and sealing in the all mighty water has caused extreme health to my hair but ever since I began chucking the gel and twisting with grease has a great effect on my hair. My hair stretches much more with grease and has better shine. My hair today twisted with grease and then my hair twisted with gel. See a huge difference in size now I'm kind of excited to play in my hair now that I know what works. Twisting my hair in chunky twists before washing helps keep it untangled and stretched so after it isn't as shrunken and then using grease to keep it stretched while I set it stretches it more and it will get bigger by the day!! Chunky twists are my best friend right now, I refuse giving up on my natural hair sometimes it helps to put it away and then think about what works best on your hair specifically.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Journey Is Too Expensive

   I don't want to come off pessimistic but I fear I will regardless of how I put it but this is truly how I feel. I'm jumping the gun a lot lately about after college, with my being a freshman. I can't even think about the "experience" I have nothing but morning classes and I don't plan on staying on the dorms much at all. I haven't the cash to stay on the dorm and even if I did I'd save it for other things like paying for books and a permit, eventually a license and inevitably a car.
 College parties are out of the question seeing as I don't even have a car, nor my permit yet. I'm not going to college for the "experience", I don't really feel the NEED to meet new people either, I want to go, get my degree and then start my life. Starting life after college is going to be very difficult finally getting out there into the big wide world, it's terrifying, and I know I'm looking way to far into the future but I can't help it, I'm compelled to look to the future whether I want to or not and I can't entirely be concerned with the now.
  In a world of wills the next few years of my life will go like this:

  • College goes by so fast it's incredible that I can even remember it I graduate with a degree in 
  • I get a job not a career but a job for now
  • I get an internship as a copy writer at a news paper, magazine maybe even a broadcasting company
  • I save money from my job pay off my student loans and have other money to start looking into apartments
  • I turn the blog into a dot com and get DeejaySpeaks copywritten
  • I have an awesome camera to document my style and do awesome quality youtube videos
  • I am hired at the company I intern at yay!
  • I've got an awesome career I make enough moolah to quit my job and now I'm currently living in my own apartment with my own car and my life has begun! 
    Yet, when I lay out these bullet points for others to understand how I wish to execute my plan they say I'm doing it wrong, that I'm not enjoying the journey. Frankly it's to expensive to "enjoy" anything when your an unemployed college student with no money in an account, and not one solid scholarship in sight.I tried to consider taking college on as an experience but I can't even look at it that way, college is just another mountain in my way and I shall move it. Is this honestly the wrong attitude though, I have constantly questioned am I just looking at things in a bad light or am I being realistic?
  Think about it, if I were pessimistic I would look at college as some unbeatable challenge, but I'm not I know college will end and I look forward to its end and I know I will conquer it but that doesn't mean I'm just buzzing with excitement to do so. I've never liked school, I've been really good at keeping up with grades and assignments maintaining a high G.P.A. but I never have liked it I just did it. College is just one more thing I have to do, but it doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it and I'm okay with that so don't blame me for looking more to the destination than the journey.

Introducing The Beast

Beast Biggaveli a fashion short film of epic proportions, written by Candis Benford and directed by Donavan Glover. I was recently reached out to about this edgy,fashion forward short film made in Downtown Detroit and I'm sure you all will love it, I know I did. With no further ado please share your thoughts and love for Beast Biggaveli.

Introducing Beast Biggaveli (Fashion Short Film) Dir: Donavan Glover from Shot Selection on Vimeo.

Black and I'm Proud!

 The current video may be considered to have some PG13 language a tad but the message is so clear and strong, I caught chills. You become a force when you acknowledge how beautiful and amazing you truly are regardless of skin color, but as an African American I have to say that this message goes twice for women of color because the struggle and level of ugly discrimination still lives and seems to have gotten worse.
  I remember when I was younger I hadn't really acknowledged my skin tone as some kind of disadvantage, I didn't see myself as dark-skinned I knew I was black and that was it, I didn't differentiate the slight light and darkness of tones if you are black than you're black. I didn't recognize a dark skin/light skin preference until middle school. I remember a boy made fun of my skin tone, because I was darker than him I remember him comparing me to looking like an African girl, well I'm black what else am I going to look like?! At the time I was hurt, I thought I was so aware of my appearance and here I  was walking around happily only to find I was cursed with something, I didn't even know was thoroughly disliked.
  As I grew older my mind changed and I developed a deep confidence, a strong confidence,in my intelligence, in my appearance, in my skin color, in my sense of humor, I grew into a a confident force to be reckoned with. I look back now and shake my head and practically laugh at the silly insults he would toss at me, yes I am dark but I am so beautiful, I am so funny, I am so sweet. My skin has never been a disadvantage I won't let it be, my skin is not a curse it is a gift from God! My skin is beautiful and so is your's this video truly embodies the various levels of color-ism within the black community and it's affect on us all, specifically women of color I introduce to you Ms. Destiny Godley

Hey Guyss!

  So I revamped my youtube channel and now I'm going to do it right this time. My first video is still being edited and my second video is here and ready to go so check out the voice behind the blog.

This video is all about...RINGS!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


   I kind of blew up some Facebook feeds not that long ago but you see I am taking a better look into networking, just how to develop the blog better so you my lovelies can enjoy. I'm a journalism major if I didn't tell you guys before and I'm actually kind of excited when I finally can delve into media studies, but at the moment I'm scheduled with one mundane math class, a basic writing English class, and some communication classes but hey maybe they'll be exciting and give me some tips on how to improve the quality of my blog. I'll be honest I initially have dreaded college, it seemed like a lot of money to spend on classes that just didn't seem direct enough for the career I want to go into. I wish college had a class that helped you figure out directly your niche, you know that thing that you're supposed to apply yourself to, I wish there was a specific career building class. Growing weary is just one of the things I do when I think of college and my future.
   Subconsciously I've have been considering to look into fashion journalism, and I'm aware with fashion it's not always about content, it's more about who you know which is why I want to do more research on networking, I don't see why not give it a try. Heading into a career in journalism whether it be fashion or not can still leave me with that time to write and publish my own novels and short stories.Writing I can never give up regardless of the industry I decide to partake in.
  I'm a writer at heart whether I write about the new Archie's MAC makeup line coming out soon or I spend a moment like this writing about my own specific thoughts, or if I'm writing a short story. What career fits in

  • creative writing
  • fashion
  • life
  • style
  I don't know but I will find it soon, because those are currently the things that I'm best at and have been passionate about my entire life and I don't believe God would of blessed me with those talents just so I can spend my entire life not doing anything related to any of those above.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chicisimo How I Love Thee

  So I have recently gotten back in the habit of using Chicisimo to post some of my looks to, you know spread the fabulousness *tries to toot horn but horn breaks* you can always get straight to the style with me by checking out http://chicisimo.com/fashion/fashionista/boomboompow/

Did You Get Your Dose Today?

 Get ready for a big dose of reality, no really are you ready for Peggy Jean of A Big Dose Of My Reality http://www.ontheqtrain.com/. Peggy Jean is a style loving young woman, who expresses her right to be fabulous in the best way! She is currently participating in Jennifer of Jasifer's Lions Club Big Fat Summer Challenge and might I say doing it well! 

You can tell Peggy has a knack for using awesome pops of color in each of her looks. 

She knows how maintain such bright colors without them being overwhelming or competing with each other like seen here when she wears the tribal print skirt with the denim top.

She also is awesome with color blocking while also playing with the neon trend!
Awesome color blocking as well! Get familiar with her blog for more of her gorgeous looks on http://www.ontheqtrain.com/

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lennox of Melissa and Joey

 Yes, I have recently been watching Melissa and Joey and I am unashamed! The show is kind of funny and cute, I like funny and cute therefore I watch it tee hee. Lennox is the young niece of Melissa who is taken in after her parents are sent to prison for a massive money harboring scheme and in the midst of it all I happened to notice her style! Lennox definitely has a wild child edge to her outfits which I really have grown fond of. You can tell that ABC family definitely is being funded by BONGO as well, (did anyone see the BONGO promotion with the two cast members from Pretty Little Liars starring in it oh just me never mind).
Here she is in a gorgeous dress,awesome giraffe print tights, and that leather jacket do I need to say more all she needs is a spread in Seventeen magazine!

Her she is in a leopard print cargo inspired jacket and cute geometrical earrings!

Lennox is serving up some style in all her spots on the show and I just call it an extra push to make sure I tune in!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guess Who's Selling Their Prom Dress!

  I am, this is the first time I've ever used Ebay to sell an item but I am currently selling my lovely (if I do say so myself) prom dress the dress is such a gorgeous color to completely light up a room, with enough sparkle to make you feel like a star, I know I did!

The dress says a size 4 but I fit about a 9 it's a tie up corset in the back so it's adjustable.
Check it out if your interested before you know it those formals and senior proms will be here soon check it out now and email me on my professional gmail dineshajohnson16@gmail.com and we can get somethings established if you want to buy toodles!

Outfit Of The Day!

I went driving today! I think I'm coming along well enough with driving I still need more experience but any progress is good. I'm wearing a top from Sears and thrifted Levi's shorts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New On These Ears Of Mine

I received my new earrings from Ebay today! You probably should have noticed by now I have a love for European vintage jewelry but not at European vintage jewelry prices I received these earrings for about a dollar. I'm currently blogging via the blogger app on my Android it's going to get used a lot for awesome on the go blogging.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Lied!

I kind of lied only kind of I'm very chicken when it comes to the safety of my computer so I shall post via I-pod loves and share with you my new ring I got from EBay! I love it it's edgy, well it used to be considered edgy now it makes me look like a vampire fan girl which I am, but that wasn't the point of me buying it oh well.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello Guys

  So I'm going to be MIA for a bit because apparently a big nasty virus is heading this way to the U.S. tomorrow so if I do have any posts it will be until it's over, perhaps on Instagram. I'm still looking into just what exactly is going down I'll miss you my loves but until this blows over smooches!

Fantasy Land

       Once upon a time in a fantasy world there was a girl who would write all the things she's ever wanted on a list with her little magic pen and pretty little cursive writing with a heart over all the I's of the magical words written. Everything ever written on this paper with this magic pen, everything she ever wanted became her own bit by bit, one after the other. The girl was very happy, she was smart and knew how to wield her magic pen correctly. She was always very careful about selecting the things she wanted. She would mark each thing, or event she wanted to occur with grand detail, and mark it with a date on which she wanted it to happen and so it was done. Such grand magic this little girl had in that pen, in those fingers, in that beautiful head. Of course others wanted to know how she managed to be so fortunate but few had the faith, the hope in her to believe that all it took was a simple pen and paper.
      One day, a man walked into her life, he seemed to be made of light, a smile as large and glowing as the moon spread across his face. Laughter erupted from his mouth and into the atmosphere, sounding of a beautiful orchestra. His words were laced in gold, eyes that played the most amazing of games. The girl was enchanted to meet such a man, a prince, no, a King.
   The young man visited her on a consistent basis, prying her heart from it's shell over and over again. The young man would seduce her heart from her chest and sing to it, put it to rest, bring it peace. Soon the young girl began to imagine her life with him, began to imagine what amazing things they could accomplish together. She reached for her paper and pen, but they were not there. She searched her house upside down, inside and out but it was no where to be found, nor was her King.
  The pen, the paper, the King they were all gone, he ran off with her hopes, ran off with her dreams feeling they were the source of her power. The King was a grand lie in disguise and he seemed to be made of the lights of others which is why the light around him shined so bright because it was a light that did not fit him, a light that did not belong to him.
     He left her alone,desolate and broken. The young girl cried a million tears, and then a million more, but as her chest ached, and her coughs grew dry a mysterious thing happened. The dreams she dreamed of, her hopes she hoped for came running back to her, they ran back to her with such a vivid beauty and brought with them the strongest joy she's ever known. She stood up and received them all back, she grabbed another sheet of paper, and another pen and began to write down more dreams, and hopes so her current ones won't get lonely or bored.
      The young girl learned that day that dreams cannot be stolen, hope cannot be taken because hopes and dreams reside permanently in your heart, they are your dreams and hopes it's just a matter of when you decide to claim them.

  A short story by Dinesha Johnson

   I wish I could make this my job, I wish I could be paid for doing things like thee above for cash but there's always something in the way whether it's my age, perhaps no one will pay attention, or I don't have the money to publish any of my stories there's always some kind of challenge. You always hear about those success stories,  when suddenly a miracle kind of just falls out of the sky where is my miracle, or is my situation not worthy of a miracle. I need to keep dreaming regardless of my situation I can't give up now.

Friday, July 6, 2012

OOTD It's Friday!

 I needed a fun Friday I've been stressing myself out so bad between, job applications and school I need to calm down but I don't know how anymore sighs, well here I am in my semi-new tribal print dress from Target!

The Amazing Spider-man Review


    I saw The Amazing Spider-man today and it is still on my mind! The Amazing Spider-man movie was indeed amazing I loved every bit of it. I laughed, I sat in awe, I said aww,  I got slightly teary, the movie is a great summer blockbuster. The special effects are amazing, the plot has twists and yet is simple to follow and can I say Emma Stone's makeup game was flawless! I love Andrew Garfield as Spider-man I mean he's youthful, awkward.intelligent, quirky and funny all at the same time and that really embodies Spider-man for me especially since I'm a great big comic book geek.The stunts are pretty epic. the scene where he's just messing around with his new abilities in the abandoned warehouse with his skateboard it's almost like an act out of the circus but better. The action sequences are awesome and the transformation of the lizard may make squeamish people a bit sick but I love sci-fiction so I was more than intrigued.
   Spider-man and Gwen Stacey vs. Spider-man and Mary Jane....Spider-man and Gwen Stacey wins!!!  Spider-man and Gwen Stacey have THEE cutest high-school romance, they both blab and get nervous around each other, and get speechless and it's just so realistic to how to people intrigued by puppy love react to each other, whereas Peter left himself on a shelf for years hoping Mary Jane would notice him, that's not healthy but Gwen and Peter have a mutual connection that is and that's why I ship Gwen and Peter over Mary and Peter and have been shipping G. and P. since I read the bloody comic book in the first place.

  Overall the romantic scenes are adorable, the dramatic heart breaking scenes do hurt, and the triumphant awesome action scenes make you want to stand up and root for your boy Pete! The Amazing Spider-man did amaze me and it'll probably amaze you to make sure you see it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Thrifting Finds

  So I only picked out a few items I was expecting the 4th of July sale to be a bit better but hey I bought quite a few cute pieces for only about 8 dollars!

This fabulous romper was about 2.50 can you believe it!!

A cute dollar t-shirt 

About a dollar or so I believe

Tank was about a dollar

Pink Levi's shorts!

Oh and happy belated 4th of July guys hopefully you enjoyed some great food, fireworks and gave thanks to our army. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OOTD and My DIY Project

   Hello today is a real simple, outfit Michigan's weather is giving me all kinds of random right now and this was sure to keep me comfy. Lately I just can't keep my mood optimistic something has to change but for now I'm trying to distract myself with this little DIY project of mine which you can see below.

I'm wearing flip flops that's not just my bare feet down there okay  lol.

The pants from my prior post you can find here http://deejayspeaks.blogspot.com/2012/07/monday.html have been studded and I'm planning on adding a bit of bleach to the ends or perhaps finge and damage them a bit more.

Have You Seen Ms. Lovato Lately?

  Demi, a wonderful girl, a happy girl, a flawed girl, a real girl. Demi Lovato is real, and talented and is catching my eye with her style like mad!


Demi's instagram @demi_lovato has been serving up hotness like mad! I don't want to go posting her personal pics all over the place so I shall post her public pictures instead because she's been styling and profiling all over the bloody place.
Demi Lovato Hairstyle Hit Austin for The X Factor

Demi Lovato Hair

Demi's style is rock-star esque with that special touch of color and her make up plays it's role to in creating her looks as well. I look forward to her on X-Factor and all the looks sure to blossom.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogger Inspiration: Trashy Gobs!

Damilola Akinniake  of the blog http://trashygobs.blogspot.com is a stylist and stellar inspiration. Ms. Akinniake knows how to mix current trends with her own personal style perfectly. She'a a living, breathing, fashion dare devil!

  Damilola can go from awesome edgy/ hip looks with her awesome dark purple highlights.

Suddenly she's in a posh,chic look like in this lovely flattering dress

Here she is in a flowy, sweet and feminine look.

Damilola's versatility is a quality to be admired and if you're looking for some amazing inspiration you should definitely check out her blog http://trashygobs.blogspot.com/