Monday, July 16, 2012

Black and I'm Proud!

 The current video may be considered to have some PG13 language a tad but the message is so clear and strong, I caught chills. You become a force when you acknowledge how beautiful and amazing you truly are regardless of skin color, but as an African American I have to say that this message goes twice for women of color because the struggle and level of ugly discrimination still lives and seems to have gotten worse.
  I remember when I was younger I hadn't really acknowledged my skin tone as some kind of disadvantage, I didn't see myself as dark-skinned I knew I was black and that was it, I didn't differentiate the slight light and darkness of tones if you are black than you're black. I didn't recognize a dark skin/light skin preference until middle school. I remember a boy made fun of my skin tone, because I was darker than him I remember him comparing me to looking like an African girl, well I'm black what else am I going to look like?! At the time I was hurt, I thought I was so aware of my appearance and here I  was walking around happily only to find I was cursed with something, I didn't even know was thoroughly disliked.
  As I grew older my mind changed and I developed a deep confidence, a strong confidence,in my intelligence, in my appearance, in my skin color, in my sense of humor, I grew into a a confident force to be reckoned with. I look back now and shake my head and practically laugh at the silly insults he would toss at me, yes I am dark but I am so beautiful, I am so funny, I am so sweet. My skin has never been a disadvantage I won't let it be, my skin is not a curse it is a gift from God! My skin is beautiful and so is your's this video truly embodies the various levels of color-ism within the black community and it's affect on us all, specifically women of color I introduce to you Ms. Destiny Godley

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