Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black What!?!?!?

 Black Milk darling, they are currently my new obsession on Instagram of which you can follow here and now allow me to share with you these awesome leggings by Black Milk! 

I'm all about these monochromatic leggings nothing like statement pants to pump up the life in an outfit through the simple use of leggings!

 Picture wearing a long black tunic in the Fall and throwing on some awesome boots and red accessories with these!

Emotional Panda Leggings

If these weren't meant to wear at the club or a kick-butt party then just where are they meant to be worn????

All of you know I'm a great big comic book geek when I saw these I almost screamed...okay I shrieked but just a tad ok 

Woman in Red Ep. 1 Leggings
 For more be sure to stalk Black Milk at I know I will.

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