Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogger Inspiration: Trashy Gobs!

Damilola Akinniake  of the blog is a stylist and stellar inspiration. Ms. Akinniake knows how to mix current trends with her own personal style perfectly. She'a a living, breathing, fashion dare devil!

  Damilola can go from awesome edgy/ hip looks with her awesome dark purple highlights.

Suddenly she's in a posh,chic look like in this lovely flattering dress

Here she is in a flowy, sweet and feminine look.

Damilola's versatility is a quality to be admired and if you're looking for some amazing inspiration you should definitely check out her blog


  1. wow shes got style!

    you have a wonderful blog :) 

  2. loving her syle. purple hair looks great on her<3

  3. she is awesomeeee!