Saturday, July 21, 2012

Branding Part One: Self Survey

 Brand, and I don't mean Russel. I need to establish just how to brand myself. What am I exactly-I'm a style loving individual with a knack for creative writing but, so are a lot of people. I I need to brand myself as something different, something that stands out and is needed. I need to establish a brand for myself and create more staying power so I can gain some kind of foot hold in the media and then everyone can share in my dynamic blogging antics(I'm pushing it a little but who cares). I did some research on this whole branding thing and I found this awesome article that really simplified this whole branding game for me  from Fast Company
  When trying to brand yourself whether as some top notch socialite, cosmetologist,stylist you have to stand out from the rest of your competition which brings us to a few questions I came up with that  you should ask yourself when going about creating your brand

1.What makes you special in your own specific industry?
I'm a relate able blogger, who loves creative writing,talking,trying new things and who uses the internet as her personal sidewalk to chalk her name all over. I have a gift of gab with a golden tongue and when I'm not either styling and profiling, I'm exercising my right to be outrageous, the things that makes me stand out is my  many personas!

2.What are you really good at? 
Writing about, almost all of everything and talking and singing and once again talking.

3.Have you networked?
I'm working on it.
4.Have you connected with the media such as twitter,facebook,instagram, or any other outlets?
I most certainly have.

5.Do you have a site with your name on, such as a developed profile?
You can find that here 

6.Do you blog?

7.Are you giving, in terms of building relationships with other people in the media?
Most definitely I love sharing positive opinions on blogger posts and giving credit when credit is due like on my blogger inspirations, the bloggers I follow are epic how could I not share their fabulousness with my lovely followers?

8.Have you built a relationship with your audience?
I talk to you guys who read my blog like your my bffs if that's not a relationship I don't know what is, like someone needs to educate me on that, because bffs sounds like a doggone good relationship to me.

   So it looks like I've done quite well as far as branding myself, but I need to work on networking which will be Part 2.

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