Saturday, July 21, 2012

Deejay Is A Geek

   Deejay Is A Geek is a new segment on the blog that I wanted to add because this blog is me and that means all aspects of me which means letting you see my not always so fabulous side *insert excuse to be obsessive here*. I am obsessed with anything comic book related specifically Marvel but I try not to pick favorites, I used to be a huge Archies fan which I still am so you could imagine how I've been flipping out about the Betty and Veronica inspired Mac collection coming out! By the way there shall be Teen Wolf reviews here and don't worry I will always label them spoiler alert and what not okay and um yeah that's all letting you know the heads up on the blog hopefully you're a geek like me and you like it toodles! You can check out the first official Deejay Is A Geek Post here chicas( that's girls for my non-bilingual sisters)

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  1. Hola, 
    Browsing just found ur blog. Im smiling, its very cool. 

    Big kiss from Mexico City.