Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fantasy Land

       Once upon a time in a fantasy world there was a girl who would write all the things she's ever wanted on a list with her little magic pen and pretty little cursive writing with a heart over all the I's of the magical words written. Everything ever written on this paper with this magic pen, everything she ever wanted became her own bit by bit, one after the other. The girl was very happy, she was smart and knew how to wield her magic pen correctly. She was always very careful about selecting the things she wanted. She would mark each thing, or event she wanted to occur with grand detail, and mark it with a date on which she wanted it to happen and so it was done. Such grand magic this little girl had in that pen, in those fingers, in that beautiful head. Of course others wanted to know how she managed to be so fortunate but few had the faith, the hope in her to believe that all it took was a simple pen and paper.
      One day, a man walked into her life, he seemed to be made of light, a smile as large and glowing as the moon spread across his face. Laughter erupted from his mouth and into the atmosphere, sounding of a beautiful orchestra. His words were laced in gold, eyes that played the most amazing of games. The girl was enchanted to meet such a man, a prince, no, a King.
   The young man visited her on a consistent basis, prying her heart from it's shell over and over again. The young man would seduce her heart from her chest and sing to it, put it to rest, bring it peace. Soon the young girl began to imagine her life with him, began to imagine what amazing things they could accomplish together. She reached for her paper and pen, but they were not there. She searched her house upside down, inside and out but it was no where to be found, nor was her King.
  The pen, the paper, the King they were all gone, he ran off with her hopes, ran off with her dreams feeling they were the source of her power. The King was a grand lie in disguise and he seemed to be made of the lights of others which is why the light around him shined so bright because it was a light that did not fit him, a light that did not belong to him.
     He left her alone,desolate and broken. The young girl cried a million tears, and then a million more, but as her chest ached, and her coughs grew dry a mysterious thing happened. The dreams she dreamed of, her hopes she hoped for came running back to her, they ran back to her with such a vivid beauty and brought with them the strongest joy she's ever known. She stood up and received them all back, she grabbed another sheet of paper, and another pen and began to write down more dreams, and hopes so her current ones won't get lonely or bored.
      The young girl learned that day that dreams cannot be stolen, hope cannot be taken because hopes and dreams reside permanently in your heart, they are your dreams and hopes it's just a matter of when you decide to claim them.

  A short story by Dinesha Johnson

   I wish I could make this my job, I wish I could be paid for doing things like thee above for cash but there's always something in the way whether it's my age, perhaps no one will pay attention, or I don't have the money to publish any of my stories there's always some kind of challenge. You always hear about those success stories,  when suddenly a miracle kind of just falls out of the sky where is my miracle, or is my situation not worthy of a miracle. I need to keep dreaming regardless of my situation I can't give up now.

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