Friday, July 20, 2012

Warning I Am A

     Nerd. So as you know Comic Con has gone and went and I do believe I'm adding "visit Comic Con" to my bucket list. I always obsess over Comic Con and all the specials like I would obsess over Fashion Week(maybe even a bit more gasp, I know). I created a polyvore dedicated to my main obsession about Comic Con and that is

Geek Out

MARVEL! If you don't think that Hulk bag is cute something is not quite right with you but it's okay because you are in a judge free zone :) I was on a Marvel obsessed tirade desperately hoping for some new movie trailer premieres or perhaps some dates and I found this on Facebook via guys!

Photo: THE FALCON has been cast for in Captain America 2!? Find out who it is HERE:

  The Falcon has been casted in Captain America 2!!! The Falcon will be played by Anthony Mackie and I didn't even know they were going to add the Falcon and if you've never read the comics *SPOILERS* Captain America: The Winter Soldier is (I'm assuming because of the title) where Bucky Barnes makes his return as a villain very interesting plot. I must say I'm soo excited for this film I don't think I can wait until 2014 to see it!


  1. 2014? Well I guess I just have to start marking off my calender huh!

  2. I really like the outfit you put together for comic con :)