Sunday, July 15, 2012


   I kind of blew up some Facebook feeds not that long ago but you see I am taking a better look into networking, just how to develop the blog better so you my lovelies can enjoy. I'm a journalism major if I didn't tell you guys before and I'm actually kind of excited when I finally can delve into media studies, but at the moment I'm scheduled with one mundane math class, a basic writing English class, and some communication classes but hey maybe they'll be exciting and give me some tips on how to improve the quality of my blog. I'll be honest I initially have dreaded college, it seemed like a lot of money to spend on classes that just didn't seem direct enough for the career I want to go into. I wish college had a class that helped you figure out directly your niche, you know that thing that you're supposed to apply yourself to, I wish there was a specific career building class. Growing weary is just one of the things I do when I think of college and my future.
   Subconsciously I've have been considering to look into fashion journalism, and I'm aware with fashion it's not always about content, it's more about who you know which is why I want to do more research on networking, I don't see why not give it a try. Heading into a career in journalism whether it be fashion or not can still leave me with that time to write and publish my own novels and short stories.Writing I can never give up regardless of the industry I decide to partake in.
  I'm a writer at heart whether I write about the new Archie's MAC makeup line coming out soon or I spend a moment like this writing about my own specific thoughts, or if I'm writing a short story. What career fits in

  • creative writing
  • fashion
  • life
  • style
  I don't know but I will find it soon, because those are currently the things that I'm best at and have been passionate about my entire life and I don't believe God would of blessed me with those talents just so I can spend my entire life not doing anything related to any of those above.

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