Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm A Bit Obsessed...So What!

  I love the natural look, from a natural head of hair to a natural face but playing in makeup is a right reserved for us all and I shall exercise my right to switch it up now and then, so here it is guys my current obsessions!

I Need A Drug Store Haul Bad

I have been in need of an amazing glowy bronzer it's so perfect for the warm weather to give you that tropical, beachy, summer look for your skin and the dark purple Revlon lip butter is a great transition to the fall. The chubby sticks by Clinique,need I say more the sticks look very pigmented that berry lip *faints*. The BH palette for the Party Girl mhhmm that's another pun I hear is awesomely pigmented and I really want to play with more color in my eye make up looks and what girl doesn't need a good blush,I mean that's probably one essential I haven't experimented with properly and I've been dying to!

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