Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Obsessed!

        I need to buy the recent House of Night Book: Destined. I'm a huge fan of the House of Night series based on an alternative universe where vampyres(yes with a y) roam the Earth among us.These vampyres don't live forever and don't die easily either.They start off being found by the Tracker, a vampyre destined to search for growing vampyre fledglings.
      The main character is the Native American Zoey Redbird, 16 years old when she finds out whoops she's a vampyre she runs away from her home where her mother practically worships her step-father an overtly religious,intolerable creature who of course hates vampyres.She is found by her grandmother and is sent to the House of Night a school for vampyre fledglings to grow properly and healthy so they can make the Change with no problem, and if they don't make the Change well they die.
   It's a great read for sci-fi lovers like me the only problem I've ever had with Zoey is I feel she needed more character developement transitioning from human to a vampyre.You'd think there would be a few more hitches along the way but besides that I find it enjoyable. It's not necessarily a serious read, but it's fun and when I saw that Destined was currently within my grasp, I practically let out a sob.I'm a bit  money-less and that moment and all I could do was a take a picture which you can see on my instagram @deejayzface. 


  1. @Ronan Mckenzie Instagram is for Android users to now

  2. sounds like such a good book! gah everyone's jumped on this instagram wagon, i'm gonna have to get an iphone x