Friday, July 13, 2012

Lennox of Melissa and Joey

 Yes, I have recently been watching Melissa and Joey and I am unashamed! The show is kind of funny and cute, I like funny and cute therefore I watch it tee hee. Lennox is the young niece of Melissa who is taken in after her parents are sent to prison for a massive money harboring scheme and in the midst of it all I happened to notice her style! Lennox definitely has a wild child edge to her outfits which I really have grown fond of. You can tell that ABC family definitely is being funded by BONGO as well, (did anyone see the BONGO promotion with the two cast members from Pretty Little Liars starring in it oh just me never mind).
Here she is in a gorgeous dress,awesome giraffe print tights, and that leather jacket do I need to say more all she needs is a spread in Seventeen magazine!

Her she is in a leopard print cargo inspired jacket and cute geometrical earrings!

Lennox is serving up some style in all her spots on the show and I just call it an extra push to make sure I tune in!

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