Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Hair Relationship

My hair and I have had a rocky relationship as you should know if you have seen my other posts on natural hair. Awkward lengths and outrageous shrinkage have strained our friendship but I have found a way to work around such difficulties. My hair,she grows and holds a curl and maintains shine and health with none other than....grease. Yeah grease as in hair grease thick with petrolatum and then all the healthy stuff after it. I have plenty of healthy hair habits such as conditioning my hair, deep conditioning and sealing in the all mighty water has caused extreme health to my hair but ever since I began chucking the gel and twisting with grease has a great effect on my hair. My hair stretches much more with grease and has better shine. My hair today twisted with grease and then my hair twisted with gel. See a huge difference in size now I'm kind of excited to play in my hair now that I know what works. Twisting my hair in chunky twists before washing helps keep it untangled and stretched so after it isn't as shrunken and then using grease to keep it stretched while I set it stretches it more and it will get bigger by the day!! Chunky twists are my best friend right now, I refuse giving up on my natural hair sometimes it helps to put it away and then think about what works best on your hair specifically.


  1. @Ronan Mckenzie  lol thanks for the encouragement have I ever told you your hair is pretty awesome? Because I'm saying it now your hair is awesome!

  2. oh gaaaad, black girls and their hair eh :P don't give up on it! natural is best :) x