Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Pledge

     Hello guys, this post is a big whopping question so do feel free to leave a comment or tips? My question is how do these big top notch fashion and style blogs get so much coverage and traffic? I know what you're thinking I'm not supposed to blog for traffic and I don't I blog for me, anyone who's read my posts know that I do this out of sheer hobby and it's enjoyable I love sharing my sense of style and opinion, which is why I created this blog but sharing takes 2 one person to share and someone to be shared with. I'm not complaining I love my followers I love you guys who comment and seemingly enjoy my corny, bad humor and my unhealthy EBay obsession.  I want you guys to feel comfortable to come to this blog and know there's something to see some kind of discussion to take part in, feel free to leave an opinion I love hearing what you have to say, and I want others to feel the same way I have few posts coming up that are less style and bit more political and text filled I want you to feel comfortable leaving a comment but remember no one likes a cyber-bully no Cap-locks shall be abused on my watch understand. 
  Back to my initial question, how do these bloggers get up to the 1000s worth of followers but sometimes the blog lacks content to be perfectly honest, they post a picture, label who they're wearing and then disappear to go do something fabulous. I always wonder how do these people get so many FB likes on their page, and all these followers on Twitter and I decided to make a pledge in response to all my questioning.

  I, Dinesha Renee Johnson pledge to maintain a great blogger status by partaking in such social sites as

  • Instagram follow me here you guys seriously don't know what you're missing you need to follow my Instagram like now immediately in this very moment why are you still reading this have you followed me yet?
  • FB my facebook page is simply put killing them okay like you need to get familiar with the Facebook kids I mean it
  • Twitter I am thee most polite optimistic dorky tweeter in the world why wouldn't you follow me so guess what go follow me!
  • You know I'm on youtube right...oh yea you didn't because you don't really love me do you?! I'm kidding but if you want to put a voice to the blog definitely watch some of my starter videos on youtube home to random song interludes and Teen Wolf rants
Part 2 of this here pledge is
I, Dinesha Renee Johnson pledge to be real,legit and awesome 100% of the time and that my photo quality will improve soon enough, if I have to rob one of those DSLR wielding hipsters by golly I will have a camera!!! (seriously though those kids have cameras taking bathroom shots like it's a phone camera just why would you have one of the most amazing and expensive cameras ever and you're in the bathroom with your yellow ducky shower curtains get of here!) I also pledge to have back up posts chock full of persona so you never feel neglected my loves toodles!

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