Friday, August 31, 2012


  I want to take this little picture and blow it up and put it on a poster in my room to remind me always, even though I may not necessarily be "financially successful" YET, I have all the tools right here and I'm well on my way.

So a few things are on the way guys starting with 
  • News on that little project I'm working on but I'm not going to spoil the surprise
  • What I recently bought at the Thrift store today it was 5 for 5 Friday so as a financially stable aspiring college student I don't feel bad about buying a few things
  • An OOTD is on the way
  • I decided to keep doing the Positive Challenge but I think I'll do my reasons in my handy dandy notebook sitting to the left of me, instead of continuously posting them on the blog, I was just happy to share a bit of personal journey with you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Sometimes I think back
Looking at blurry images
Faded shades of various kinds of black
Figments, pieces
Of past events
Fuzzy pictures
Coated in dust
I reach out
Dirt cakes my fingers at the touch
How could I find comfort
With a lack of any clarity
In this junkyard
I'm standing with this pulsating
I embrace it nonetheless
It may not seem beautiful to you
But it's the brightest kind of jewel
It's the strongest kind of tool
It's breathtaking
I hug my sweetest gift
The buzzing I hear it
All the past and it's dust messing with my spirit
I'm too concerned with my heart and the glorious bruises the gorgeous dents
I'm suddenly overtaken by the image of you
Only for a brief stint
I've never been so tempted
To reach out and feel for your fingerprints
My grip on my heart and all these gorgeous chambers
The darkness isn't overwhelming nor does it strike me with danger
Beauty in my fears
Beauty in my anger
Beauty in my tears
Beauty that couldn't be stranger

By me, Dinesha Johnson

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My First Day Of School

  My first day of school consisted of me being entirely too early for a class but that was fixed, and handled shortly thus after. My teachers are cool,so that's great, I didn't get lost at all which was super great. My entire 1st day of school was kind of what I imagined, it's what I prepared for. Note to self, bring a jacket, I wasn't prepared for it to be cold by no means in the class room giving Michigan's moody weather.
   The only thing on my mind now is how I'm going to pay for school. I'm willing to do what it takes and sooner or later something is going to come my way. I'll be selling clothing on Ebay soon, I'll be listing my prom dress again for the homecoming season, and like I said something will happen so it's more of a matter of me holding just as much faith as I have put in effort. I've put in the effort to acquire a job, and scholarships and I'm not giving up, either God is testing my will to be determined and my will to keep believing in him even though I am facing difficulties.
   I'm calling this The Year of Patience. I've put in the effort, but I haven't had the necessary patience, and without patience you are cluttered with doubt, and I should have no doubts because I know for a fact God has a plan for me, he's gotten me this far, he's gotten me to the place I need to be, and he has protected me through it all, I can't abandon him, nor can I abandon his plan just because everything I wanted hasn't hit it's deadline. So with that I'm prepared to share with you a Back to School College Look!


College by deejaystyles featuring ear cuff earrings

I feel like this look is casual, fashionable and comfortable for college. I know many college students are very adamant about showing up in pajamas because it's comfy and easy to roll out of bed, but when you have a professional job you can't roll out of bed and got to work so I figure don't start the habit you won't have to break it. I love that the shoes are easy to walk in, the dress is not clingy, the cuff will not make noise during a test or those awkward super quiet courses, and the ear cuff still manages some personality in the look. I am in love with the ear cuff it's called the Warrior Cuff from Asos I am amazed! By the way check out my Facebook Page I recently added a Polyvore app you guys can play in my page is

Underneath It All

    Beneath it all, beneath my doubts,nerves,fear I am so strong. I am strong because of my faith in God and my belief that he has a plan mapped out for me. I know not many believe in God, and that's fine, it's okay but  underneath all the spazzing about school, and obsessing over clothing is a Christian running this blog. I didn't create this post to make anyone uncomfortable so if you have a problem with my words, I suggest you check out another post, or skip down a bit. The God that I believe in, wants us all to be happy regardless  of sexual orientation,or color, or gender or any superficial quality society likes to divide us all by. God wants me to be happy, so why haven't I embraced my happiness? How dare I let fear stand in between myself and the gift God is gracing me with. So I decided to create a challenge of my own, it's a mix of my own ideas and few lessons I learned from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
   The challenge is called The Happy Challenge(creative right) the guidelines are below and I want to stick with this until September 30th starting today. 
  1. Do 7 things that make you happy every week, it can be anything buying that favorite candy bar, picking up your favorite magazine,treating your mind to a nap, hanging out or calling someone.
  2. Write 10 things you're grateful for everyday.
  3. Write 10 things you're looking forward to each week.
  4. Think of the best thing that's happened to you that day before you sleep.
  5. Smile at least 4 times everyday, whether you want to or not smile it can't hurt right.
  6. Pick out a motivational quote and repeat it to yourself 3 times a day, say it in your head,write it down, read but make sure its 3 times a day. 
  The challenge is all about becoming more positive,happy,believing in yourself and recognizing your goals, you don't need to be a Christian to want these things so give it a try. Once upon a time, I didn't even want to try to be happy, I didn't want to believe in myself, I didn't want to believe in my potential I was just living day by day, but now I'm willing, and I'm working on becoming a more positive person each day so let me start the challenge now, I can't share all of these with you but I can share numbers 1,2, and 6 which I shall post to share with you guys. 
10 Things I'm Grateful For:
  1. I'm grateful for my car being fixed.
  2. I'm grateful for my determined mother.
  3. I'm grateful for a supportive father.
  4. I'm grateful my grandmother is safe and fine.
  5. I'm grateful for God's strength in myself.
  6. I'm grateful I can read.
  7. I'm grateful I can see. 
  8. I'm grateful I can spell.
  9. I'm grateful for my laptop.
  10. I'm grateful for my laptop's awesome battery.
10 Things I Look Forward To:
  1. I look forward to my first day of school.
  2. I look forward to buying my Nook this week.
  3. I look forward to meeting Ms. Cassy-Jones Mcbryde(more on that in another post)
  4. I look forward to writing another post that will hopefully be published to my school's newspaper
  5. I look forward to sleeping today.
  6. I look forward to getting dressed and what not tomorrow morning.
  7. I look forward to my dad coming home from work.
  8. I look forward to text messaging one of my friends when she gets off work.
  9. I look forward to meeting my teachers tomorrow.
  10. I look forward to meeting new people tomorrow. 
My motivational quote is: 
"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"-Bruce Lee. 
"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one".
"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"

  When you focus on the positive things, you establish a certain emotional independence a way from your surroundings, you become a vessel of light,hope and happiness. Even the darkness can be beautiful it's all in how you look at things, some of my darkest moments I've written some of my best work, so it's not about your life being perfect it's about seeing your life perfectly you may be in a good mood, but then you find out wow, you car has a flat better it has a flat at home then when you're out right.If you are willing to look for it there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, the light and joy never leaves you, you abandon it, don't abandon your happiness anymore, I know I won't.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Did You Guys Know?

  I have always been setting up goals, but have you guys ever seen my ultimate plan the big picture. I've shared goals, like points that I want to hit, some of those goals in school for example were,

  • pass math test
  • finish reading Othello
  • get A in biology
  • Go to homecoming
  goals like that above were check points in the BIG PICTURE my big picture goes a lot like this

  • Graduate high school 
  • Get accepted to Wayne State University
  • Become a Southend writer
  • Graduate with BA in Journalism
  • Get job at news network
  • Publish books
  • Buy blog domain and turn into
  • Go on a trip to LA
  • Record one song
  • Buy property in London
  • Visit London's fashion week
  • Get an apartment
  • Get a walk in closet
  • Shop till my heart's content
  • Become an established journalist and author
To be continued....
  These are my life goals, I remember when I wrote them all out, it was my senior year we had a free time in my old Forensics class and I started writing down all these random wants and realized they don't have to just be wants they can be goals, each thing is reachable its just a matter of if I can reach it and I will and I shall it's that simple.

Soo Yesterday

  Yesterday was part 2 of my orientation, I woke up kind of blank of emotion, there were excited people prepared to be excited but I wasn't, and not because I was mad or upset but because I was in all black, it was hot, and I was uncomfortable. The room they first placed us in was like a sauna, so when they got into being excited and peppy I couldn't do it, not because I didn't want to be optimistic and cheer but because I was melting at the time so that was pretty impossible. When we arrived outside I met some pretty cool people, and I was suddenly human again and not a puddle.
  The rest of my orientation after the volcano like experience was very enjoyable and I had a great time. I'm nervous tomorrow is my first day and I still don't feel entirely to prepared, I keep looking up my books and I wanted to buy a Kindle or Nook because ebooks are supposed to be much cheaper but it looks like it would be best for me to wait until my first day which leaves me very apprehensive. I know I can do this, but the campus is so large and I am just one dot, on this huge map but I mustn't let it shake me, but I think it has. I don't know how these college students do it, how do they get around so fast and efficiently? I come from a school where there was an upstairs a downstairs and about 3 hallways in total, and 3 staircases I was never late to one class, well my first year I was, but that was only one time, and I was off by seconds.
  So today's focus shall be:

  • Creating the world's most beautifully detailed schedule and studying my map.
  • Creating some outfits
  • Prayer
  • The end
  By the way check out the jacket below that caught your attention to this post

I'm in love I don't think I've ever seen a jacket quite like this before.The fit and structure is strong and classic which are 2 very attractive elements for me and my personal style, but the ombre effect puts it right over the top and thus is why I'm obsessed. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


    Isn't it crazy what talking it out and a little sleep can do.In the aftermath of a blogger breakdown . It's Monday and I welcome it here for me start off much better than before. I was so excited to write this post because you see, being negative and focusing on negative things like I did in the last post is draining, and after being drained what's left, more negativity to drain and suck me dry but you see I don't have that option. I have a younger brother, with the most beautiful,funny spirit and all the determination, and chances for greatness at his fingertips and I want the best for him. I don't want him to torture his self like I do, I let myself go into this self depreciation and its unhealthy I shouldn't look at my tries as failures I should look at them as building character, building better determination.

I want my younger brother to look at me in a positive light, I want him to see me as a symbol that working hard does pay off, and that focusing on positive things, and pushing forward, letting go of all the negatives truly do work to benefit your life, I can't talk about it I must be about it. I was about it until some school difficulties arrived, I'm not staying on campus because I don't want to take out loans but the computing back and forth hasn't been easy in the slightest. I don't want to out loans to stay on the campus but then I don't want the trouble of computing and then i think things would be so much easier if I had a job, and thus begins the vicious ugly cycle. I can't stay in that ugly cycle. A path is being created for me as we speak with every difficult challenge I am being molded into the kind of person necessary to handle all the greatness coming her way. Yesterday's vent made me feel better it helped remove all that access,decaying thought and it helps me refill it with awesome, self motivating things. I'm currently facing a challenge but I'm taking to steps to be prepared for the change.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Professional Venting

  I sit down and think who's reading this, who's reading these words a friend who finally dropped by my blog, but doesn't necessarily want to comment, perhaps some bored person who's seen me tweet links on twitter, maybe someone from facebook or weheartit or whatever platform I dabble in, all in the name of promoting this blog, promoting myself, promoting my brand, promoting my ideas. I look at my blog from a professional point of view, yet the blog needs to have some of myself in it right. What's a lfiestyle blog without real life, without that fleshy undertone that helps you realize a real human being is creating this post, has thought of these words, has typed them up with their fingers. I try to to focus on the good, I try to shake off all these ugly little bees that seem to gravitate to me like I'm the sweetest kind of honey. I wave them off, and keep on walking almost like I'm made of stone. I'm a not a statue though, I don't bleed cement.
  Today I want to share with you the human,but not any old aspect of humanity but the darker side, there can be something beautiful to the darkness. The darkness breeds creativity, just what lies out there in the void? You know what lies out there in my void, what I try not to touch, what I try to turn a blind eye to? My anger. I'm angry. I smile, I laugh, I breathe, I cry but beneath it all hiding underneath the crevices and carpets is anger. I'm angry that my efforts seem to have gotten me no where.Do you know how many scholarships I have put myself into, I have put my faith into, giving all these little bits of my heart to each effort and I've received little to nothing in return. Do you know how many jobs I've applied to, are you aware of all the calls I've made? Complaining gets you no where, but just what exactly does? My tries have been continuously slapped down, and yet I still get back up, I'm not creating this in the name of justifying giving up,I'm creating it in the name of all these bruises across my heart, in the name of all these headaches that rack my mind, I'm creating it in the name of the ugliness, or the imperfections of the flaws.
  You, sitting at home, or maybe on your phone, reading this are probably shaking you head, or simply saying  "something will happen" or my recent favorite "that's life kid", do you remember what it felt like, the moment life broke your heart. The moment of the life you planned for, created blueprints for looked at you in the face and like a cruel monster struck you! Reality breaks through the cracks of this little comfy home, I'm blessed to say I have had the pleasure of having, and reality is not sweet, it's not exactly pretty either, this reality is some foreign piercingly loud, annoyance that I find myself both embracing and wanting to choke at the same time.
   This is not my letter of resignation, but my letter of notice, I notice that life is not fair and never will be, I notice that life is life and it will do what it pleases and we can only do what we can, so I have not given up. Sooner or later the barrier holding me from all that I've worked for will break and I will be immersed in all that I've wanted, but the question is will I be able to recognize it by then? Will I be able to identify my heart's desires by the time they reach me? Will my dreams become memories so forgotten that when they approach me I won't even turn my head? Will this oncoming anger and bitterness drown me before I break the surface, will my hands grow tired scraping  to get out, will I taste the fresh sweet air of achievement or will I simply breathe in and go on my way?
  I am determined and I am angry and I am afraid.

Dignified We Stand

  I want to let you all in on this beautiful foundation built on the qualities of maintaining, style and dignity for all. I would first like to bring your attention to how poverty runs among us all, it's on the streets, in abandoned buildings, it could very well be our next door neighbors, or it's some of our family members, regardless of where the individual plagued with poverty comes from it's about how they handle it and whether they can reach the necessary opportunities to reach better.We all can help in giving someone a bit of a spring in their step, imagine a world where your fabulous wardrobe didn't exist it seems a lot more blah and depressing doesn't it, so how about helping those who may very well be in that position by checking out Dress With Dignity. I received an email from Dress With Dignity  it stated the below:

Dress With Dignity. Dwell With Dignity. is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing design through rehabilitating, reupholstering and repurposing used furniture while providing inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. The interior design installations we provide for families include furnishings, artwork, bedding, kitchen utensils, and home accessories. Our wardrobe styling includes clothing for families; school uniforms for children and business attire for parents as well as everyday wear for the whole family. The families we help are dedicated to changing their lives by learning to become self-sufficient. These families will reside in single-family homes and apartments that are provided by social service agencies or attained through the assistance of such agencies. We find our families by working with existing social service organizations that have programs in place to help struggling families attain self-sufficiency. Our concept is unique, green and cutting edge!

What's not to love about this charity! It's stylish,helps those in need and green!!! If you like inspiring families, saving the planet, and making the world a better place for style and allowing everyone a fair chance to dwell with dignity definitely check out

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking Back

  I start school Wednesday and I want to create this post so I can look back after the school year is over and confirm that I didn't need to be as stressed out as I have been. I want to look back at this and laugh and shake my head, I want to look back and tell myself  "I can't believe I've underestimated myself so badly". My worse worries are compiled of  simply being afraid of the unknown. I remember panicking before I started high school about how badly I didn't want to go but I got through that, but this isn't high school it's college. I hope that I will look back and be able to say "I made it through the year", my goals for the school year are

  • Get all As and Bs
  • Dedicate extra time on my math class
  • Get confident in my math skills
  • Navigate the campus smoothly
  • Becoming a substantial writer for my paper
  • Manage both a job and my school work and this here blog
  • Stay organized
  • Less stressed out

Friday, August 24, 2012

Is Your Face Ready For The Fall

 Fall, is all about the darker undertones of the cooler weather.

Fall Makeup!

Fall Makeup! by deejaystyles featuring a matte eyeshadow

Besides, getting your fall makeup together how about the health of your skin. My skin care tips for the fall, that specifically work for me is
1. Moisturize that skin! I use shea butter, in the cooler weather it's a thicker moisturizer coats and seals the skin and it's just enough for the dry, cooler, weather.
2.Hydrate! You must drink water for health, for life, and for your skin water helps hydrate those lips to and we all know that when the weather gets cooler the lips can get the crackin. Water and a good stick of Carmax chapstick, and a good face scrub become my best friend, in maintaining smooth lips.
3. Mask that face! In the winter it's about using more lotions, more creams, but there is a such thing as too much. I use a mint julep mask to absorb and take out any extra,oil or sweat and then moisturize my skin  lightly over again, thus after to keep my skin supple and smooth.

I'm A Writer

  It's safe to say I'm soon going to be come a writer for Wayne State's University The South End, I'm writing a fashion column, I'll let you know the deets when and if it gets published. I'm so excited for the paper, today was the first time I navigated campus alone, it makes me really nervous I can't be late but it's not that bad, I think I'll be okay.
  The last time you saw this top I was complaining about boredom, gosh I wish that was the least of my worries no lol. The top is from Charlotte Russe, check out the beaded details I love it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Geek With The Vampire Diaries Counter On Her Blog

      I don't know if you noticed the big honking Vampire Diaries counter on the side of my blog but it's there for a reason..I MISS IAN SOMERHALDER'S FACE and I miss Vampire Diaries too. I can't wait until it gets back.The last episode left us with *Disclaimer*SPOILERS IF YOU DID NOT SEE THE LAST EPISODE START HERE....
  Okay so the last episode left us off with Elena as a newly born vampire seeing as how she was given vampire blood way back when  her brain was having some bleeding troubles( I don't know the proper medial term don't judge me).Caroline is gone because the council knows her secret and they know all about vampires. Tyler never made it out with her because now apparently Klaus is possessing Tyler . Bonnie made the deal to reincarnate Klaus because she didn't want to lose all her friends seeing as how Klaus is responsible for Damon,Stefan,Caroline,Abby,and Tyler's bloodlines.
    How could they leave us with such a cliff hanger, my heart broke when ending music came on, I couldn't believe it! What part of Vampire Diaries are you waiting to sink your teeth in?

My Summer Look Book

  Summer is coming to a fast end in Michigan. It seems like just yesterday it was 80 and now were skimming between high 60s and low 70s, that's the kind of weather I don't like. How do you dress for a warm/cold environment, with a gorgeous sun that loves to confuse and abuse you? I will save my Fall fashion and" lack of it in my closet rant" for later but right now lets take a lovely trip down memory lane.I was the girl who NEVER wore skirts, or shorts or dresses. I never liked my legs, I wasn't a huge fan of my body and dresses   can really put the bod on a platform you know. Dresses were some kind of foreign alien things to me and I wanted no parts of them on top of my body issues I used to define myself as wanting to be a tomboy. I wanted to be a tomboy because I thought tomboys were cool, they were tough and strong, awesome at sports, on top of wanting to be a tomboy I didn't want to be a girly girl more than anything( I'm laughing as I type this). Girly girls are often depicted to be weak, silly, and snotty then I recognized that the world has a way of giving people these 2 dimensional views on  each other, not every girly girl is like that of the movies, not every tomboy is so strong and I have a right to be who ever I please regardless of tomboy or girly girl I don't need a title I can just be Dinesha. I can be strong, feminine and fabulous and be myself! So I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite looks of the Summer as much as I did, and now I'm a bit excited to see what I'm going to do for the Fall toodles!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Pictures

  This outfit was quick simple and yet chic, I needed to add a personal touch and that was done with my earrings bought at Glitter a local accessory store from the mall, the top is from a thrift store and my jeggings are from Wetseal from like a bajillion years ago before jeggings were popular(don't I sound like a hipster?) These are the first pictures I've taken with my new Fujifilm Finepix camera!! Drum roll please

I added this picture strictly because well I love it! 

Ya Girl Was Featured

  I was featured in Sincere Spotlight on and you all should check it out like now there's the link CLICK IT, but I'm not forcing you or anything hahaha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Freshmen is Panicking

  I forgot how old I was. I felt like I was running out of time, and making too many mistakes, letting too many people down. I forgot my humanity. I forgot how being imperfect is a natural human quality. I forgot it's okay to feel panic but to recognize the panic must cease. I wake up annoyed by the Sun, I find it's shine condescending to my mood as if it's nature's fault I feel upset.
 Questions boggle my mind and wake me from my sleep. I haven't done enough, or have I? Is it a matter of how much trying, how much pushing and wanting and hoping I do, or is it a matter of me putting in effort and being patient that seems to outrun me. I'm consistently spending the last few days manically:

  • writing lists
  • submitting scholarships
  • applying for job apps
  • checking empty emails
  • writing more lists
  • creating schedules
  • crying about school
  • dreading school
  • worrying about money for school
  • stress 
  • impatience swallows me whole and spits out a ball of tears and more stress
   This is no way to live.

  I must remove stress and worry from my lifestyle I need to recognize I can only do what I can, when I can and any other factors, aren't factors they are out of sight of mind. I'm claiming back my right to success, my right to happy, I deserve to be happy I can't break down now. When approaching the topic of school, my view is so skewed. My fellow colleagues are excited, I wake up teary eyed with fear, that's not the proper way to approach change. It is better to walk towards change and embrace it,  fighting it will only leave you scarred and hurt, fighting change only harms you  because change is here and it's coming through strong and it's never going anywhere. I must swallow my fear and make change my friend, make change my best friend, love change, trust change, and trust that I have been blessed with the necessary skills to walk alongside change as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monochrome Much


Greeeeeeeey by deejaystyles featuring skinny jeans

Above is what I find to be the perfect example of monochrome, many find it boring, blah and just plain bad but I think it's interesting. Monochrome outfits have the potential to exercise your creativity skills, and be fun at the same time. I saw an article on College Fashion that I simply fell in love with you can check out the article here

Tips for doing the Monochrome challenge!

1.Make sure you top and bottoms differentiate in shade or you'll look like a marker, and unless you want to look like a marker that decision is your's.
2. Make sure to play with texture it can give your outfit visual interest.
3. Prints are your friend!If you have an argyle sweater, with shades of pink interlaced through out, wear one of those shades as a bottom, prints will give you more color shades to play with in your outfit.
4. Accessories! You have on a dark blue blazer, light blue top and dark denim wash skinnies, add some silver earrings! Accessories can really take center stage when playing with monochrome taking the look to the next level.
5. Neutrals can put you to sleep. I love neutrals, my first and favorite neutral color is black, but I wouldn't wear all black everyday because it can get very blah, and uninteresting losing the zest and love you once had for your closet, and that is definitely a NO. So when playing with neutrals once again play with jewelry or layers to keep it interesting.
I do believe I shall take on this challenge soon, my styling senses are tingling, until then guys toodles!

Shopping is War

    A war was struck up inside of me when approaching just how do I share my birthday goodies with you, seeings as I recently just purchased a new camera(yaaay!!!!!!!!!!) and I was deciding should I record my haul or simply share it via blogger so I decided to do both, a video will eventually be posted( once I test it out and what not). I feel I was quite smart with my cash this trip because when I was younger I was known for letting money burn a hole in my pocket. I remember getting birthday money and simply making it rain at the mall, but times have changed I have changed. I chose to take my birthday money and invest in other things than simply clothing and you know what I'm okay with that, a matter of fact I'm proud of it. I saved a lot of cash and still managed to get a lot of the things I wanted, and especially with school literally 8 days away I can't go spending my money on just whatever my heart desires.

  First off, I went to Charlotte Russe and bought a dress you're probably thinking "but it's practically fall", this dress can easily be transitioned and styled for fall trust me, even the print is made of fall leaves, it was like a sign! The dress has a key hole back and a baby doll structure. I had plans to go much darker this fall which I shall but I don't want my closet to be blanketed in darkness so it's good to have a few items to mix you  look up from time to time. I can see myself wearing a light brown aviator jacket and dark tights, with simple Mary Jane shoes, walking on campus as the laves fall and scatter at my feet.

I bought this shirt in the name of New Years. This blouse with the metallic collar, won me over it's reminiscent of the H&M lookbook I did a post on here and I also did a post on which further details how metallic gold and silver will be dominating this fall season! I bought this top also at Charlotte Russe

I bought this top for the wow factor. A black peplum top, that comes with a cheetah print belt, with a rose gold buckle all for about 7.00 dollars, and that's not even the shocking part. I bought this top at Meijers! 

I was craving some earrings so I went to Burlington and checked out the monstrous clearance shelf is it cluttered yes, but there is so many treasures in the clutter to find such as these 3.50 earrings!

I saw these big onyx type earrings in Forever21 I love onyx it's my favorite kind of stone. There's something so deeply beautiful about dark colors, like black and dark navy but that's a post for another day.

This little armor ring cost me about a dollar at Forever21 it's giving me a vintage vibe, and yet again we have black stones, that may very well be my newest obsession and I didn't even know it.

The little gadget below will be accompanying me to class and what not it's quite adorable and didn't cost me any limbs, I call this a responsible buy everybody meet my USB drive!

Alright guys here it is, the thing I've been craving since I merely started the blog...A SUBSTANTIAL CAMERA! Cost me about 84.00 dollars and I know it's not a DSLR, but I don't need a DSLR, I need a small point and shoot camera that has more pixels than my phone or iPod. I don't know if you guys knew, or noticed but every picture taken on my blog has been taken from 
My webcam( I still find it to be a financial mistake but it's in the past now)
My phone( the pictures take long to sent to my email for some odd reason but the quality is good in my opinion)
My iPod( the pictures send quickly it's easy to share on networks quickly but the quality can be fuzzy from time to time.
I've been using timer apps on all three of my picture taking devices, my mom recently started taking pictures of me, for me and until I get my stand I think she'll be my temporary photographer fingers crossed! When I started blogging I did it out of hobby, but now I might want to start taking it a bit more seriously which means I need to update photo quality and with this little number I believe it can do so, you're probably wondering why I didn't get something more expensive, but I don't think you need a super expensive camera to have good pictures, does it help of course but with some creativity, proper lighting and practice I think I'll do just fine. 

The bday haul post has come to an end, be sure to check out my outfit I wore will bday shopping here and check out my instagram @deejayzface for things I spotted while shopping until then toodles! 

The Play suit!

  I wore this play suit as I stalked and hunted through the mall for a few items for my birthday! The play suit is from Love Culture and earrings from Princess an accessory shop in my local mall. I bought this playsuit waaaaaaaaaaay back before the summer had even began and this was the first time I wore it. I love this outfit it's feminine,youthful it made me feel happy to walk around in such a quick put on and go outfit.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


  So the number one mission on my current shopping addiction is the "little black dress", you're probably thinking doesn't she already have a little black dress, and why yes indeed I do.

This dress was bought at my local thrift store but I'm looking for something more current and less vintage as my other dress, and with a better fit.

Below are a few LBD looks, there's a little black dress for all of us and here are a few I picked out


LBD by deejaystyles featuring black cocktail dresses

The first I can see myself wearing to a job interview, the second is great for a low key club look, the 3rd I can see myself wearing to a party and the 4th I can see myself wearing to a school fun function. Each of these looks have their own occasion which is your favorite? 

What's In Your Hair?!

   Crochet braids aren't new to the hair industry but they are most definitely back! I've seen so many crochet styles from curly to braided the versatility gives this hairstyle it's charm. My aunt has taken part in the crochet braids trend an awesome protective style, simple to do and simple to take down. My aunt said that crochet braids "are an easy protective style and easy to take down". When I go for another protective style I'll definitely look into crochet braids for a new look when I need a break from the fro!

Check out below my aunt's lovely braids

 To see more check out her Instagram @d-renee 

I'm Ready To Fall...Into Autumn Part 2!

Fall Acccessories

     I have explained previously I want a tough,chic, Gothic inspired look for the Fall and that can't be complete without stocking up on jewelry specifically vintage jewelry. I love old antique-looking rings they take an outfit to the next level put on 1 perhaps 2 maybe even 3 and I have created an eclectic look already. The wedge boot is a must in my closet and spiked heels on the shoes they will find their way into my wardrobe one way or another I can't wait until I start making money I will definitely be buying the Jeffrey Campbell's even though it might be slightly difficult walking to class oh it's worth it. Bad hair days may happen be prepared with a headband I prefer knotted and braided headbands I feel like there's a chic maturity to them add one to a t-shirt and jeans and you can still look like you tried this morning. Earrings I love interesting earrings, spiky daggers, bright studs, I prefer my earrings somewhat small but to pack a petite punch. There you have it, a few essentials I shall keep in mind on my next thrifting adventure for the Fall.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Maximize You Closet!

  Hey guys, I want to confess something..."I am an outfit repeater,but  the only thing worse than an outfit repeater is an outfit rememberer"! Has anyone else seen the Lizzie McGuire movie where that scene between Lizzie and Claire when she's leaving from junior high, oh am I just that old... Besides my prehistoric existence, lets talk about outfit repeating, the skill of recycling an outfit is a grand old one, that can save you cash and maximize your closet in the easiest ways.

  1. Layers are your best friend, a chambray jacket, or maybe a cardigan a great leather jacket or even a vest, layers can completely switch up a look trust me.

2. Accessories can make a world of difference, how much color or sparkle, or lack thereof can make a big enough difference. From taking a sweet girly look with bauble earrings and maybe even a bow, to a rocker chic look with no earrings and a spiky cuff bracelet the options are endless for the look you want when getting a good grip on the kinds of jewelry that can best differentiate between the 2 different looks. 

3. Hair! Your hair can change a look trust me I know. When people see you they see the whole picture, from makeup, hair and jewelry, so don't think your hair isn't a factor when it comes to your outfit little changes can mean a lot.
4.Get creative! I find so much fun in styling different outfits and different looks I lay out a good majority of my clothes(taking them all out would cause me to be overwhelmed and faint have you ever really realized just how much you have in your closet until there's a monstrous mountain on your bed and you have to sleep on the couch because you couldn't put everything back with enough time to sleep). 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Made It

  I'm eternally thankful to be blessed to reach 18 years old. I've got so many plans, and things that I'm prepared to do I can hardly contain myself. I need to take this feeling put it in a bottle and keep it under lock and key, it's a feeling of strength, a zest, an excitement for life,it's a feeling of determination. I have been so blessed and all I can do is just say thank you, thank you, thank you to God for getting me to this point in my life, blessing me with my friends and family thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tyra Banks and I

Tyra Banks is an amazing inspiration to young women everywhere. She faced down challenges as a young girl being picked on and bullied for her size and blossomed into a Victoria's Secret model, she took it another step forward developing into a media mogul and having two of her own shows, one the Tyra Show where she tackled issues in our society about race,discrimination,eating disorders, and ultimately always preaching self love. Tyra's other widely known show America's Next Top Model! On top of Tyra being Tyra in all her glory she inspired this makeup look!

The Last 17 Year Old

     Today will be the last day I'm 17. I'm blessed to be hitting such a milestone, I'm blessed for so many things, my life,my blog,my family,my family,the love I'm continuously surrounded by, and so much more. I turn 18 tomorrow I'm officially no longer considered a minor, I will be looked at society they way I've always been looked at, but this time I can add legal to the list. I want to celebrate today, tomorrow,the next day and for the rest of my life. I want to carry the happy,grateful and loving emotions I carry in my heart throughout my adulthood because I don't think it's the chip on your shoulder,how much you're a fighter,how cold you can be that makes you necessarily successful. I think it's how willing are you to try, how willing are you to see the beauty and happiness in every situation you've ever been. I don't want to grow up with the theory in my mind that the entire world is against me, and that I'm always going to have to fight that's not the view I want for myself I like to think of the world beaming with opportunity, beaming with chances,choices and changes that are happening right as we speak.
   I want to carry the skills and lessons I've learned into this new phase of my life because I need them, I need my faith, I need hope,I need optimism because without you're lost in the dark with no light and no will to find one I can't be lost, I can't give up, there's so many more things for me to do.Whether I'm 18 or 57 I never want to lose my drive, my peace of mind or my optimism. Living a life hopeless isn't a way to live for me, living life coldly because you've been fighting the same fight for so long isn't the way to live. I truly believe that if I put in 150 percent of work and effort, if I follow the path that's right for me, if I make the right choices, never let anything, or anyone hold me back and living fearlessly of this huge place before me it will only get better from here on out, I'm claiming it!

Dress was thrifted from my local Salvation Army, and my earrings from a Beauty Supply pictures taken by my beautiful mother.