Sunday, August 12, 2012

6 Instagram Tips!

  Hello guys I wanted to share a few Instagram tips with you guys that I've learned from my experience

  1. If you wish to follow your favorite celebrities on Instagram make sure you go to their twitter and figure out the proper Instagram name because there are indeed Instagram fakes. Some of you may think this tip was needless to share but, if it was so needless to share it then how come some of these fakes on Instagram almost have as many followers if not more than, the legit celebrity they are portraying?
  2. TAG. If you want your pictures to be seen you must set them up to be in the position to be seen so if you're wearing earrings tag #earrings if you have natural hair tag #naturalhair. 
  3. If you're a blogger like me it's best to follow your fellow bloggers as well so  you can stay updated with them. Some bloggers do preview posts, they do posts on who's having a sale when and where, bloggers drop individual little tidbits that sometimes get left out on the actual blog. So follow my Instagram @deejayzface, like the awesome people you are. 
  4. Instagram is done in good fun so don't concern yourself with trying to become Instagram famous, I for one was unaware of such a term I heard of Tumblr famous but not Instagram famous. I didn't even know there were Instagram beefs until I witnessed one not that long ago, toxic people will literally argue over any and everything so don't feed into them. I will never understand how an argument can ensue about a picture, either like it or keep it scrolling it's that easy.
  5. Don't post everything, just like any other social media platform everything you put out there is leaving a digital footprint. Don't post a picture of yourself looking not so proper, at the club or what not if you want to take a picture while you're out take the picture before you head out to the party, and be aware of your plans thus after, no one wants to see you um....chocolate wasted. 
  6. Enjoy it. I have received so much inspiration on Instagram from makeup looks to outfits, and it's all because of who I follow. I follow bloggers like Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, and youtube makeup gurus like makeupd0ll, and be sure to follow your fave magazines for sneaks peeks you can follow seventeen magazine, glamourmag, just when deciding to go on follow sprees keep in mind what industry you're in who you would like to align yourself with, when looking at it from a networking point of view. By the way you could always check out this post on IFB 50 Instagram Accounts You're Probably Not Following Yet for some more inspiration on who to follow. 

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