Monday, August 6, 2012

Considering A Kindle

   Hey guys so as my birthday is approaching I am seriously considering purchasing a Kindle. I feel it's necessary I do a bit more research on a Kindle and I might be getting slightly ahead of myself, I'm still not sure what books I need to get but to play on the safe side maybe I should invest in this cute little gadget.
 The pros of the Kindle I've gathered so far after I've done a bit of surfing the web(no one says that anymore but I'm bringing it back ayye!) the pros of buying a Kindle are:
  • It's lightweight and great for travel I will not suffer any back trauma with it
  • Some of the books are free
  • The books are typically about 10 dollars whereas college books are darn near in the hundreds
  • It can carry up to 3500 books
  • You can get any book instantly on a whim 
  • There's wide variety of Kindles to choose from like the Kindle above which is a revamped original and currently the cheapest one at 79.00 dollars add free is about 109 dollars, the Kindle Touch gives you a lot of information about the book you're reading it's a lot more responsive 99 dollars and 139 without any ads at all, there's the Kindle Touch 3G the only real difference is there's no need for wi-fi 149 dollars and 189 dollars without ads, the Kindle Keyboard if you plan on doing searching and typing it's perfect for you 99 dollars with special offers and 139 dollars with no special offers  and Kindle Fire the last sleek colorful sibling at 199 dollars with no ads! I for one will definitely be more fond of the cute little 79.00 dollar Kindle just saying. 
  • It's tree friendly
  • Instant updates on books
  • Did I mention it's ridiculously cheaper than buying books that you probably won't use in college
  My mind is pretty much made up all I need to do if figure out what books I will need and if the Kindle has them and I'll definitely be on my way to buying one. I also won't mind using it to read Destined by House of Night I am so obsessed with the book I had a dream about Heath not that long ago, if you have read the series you know Heath is the jock with a hard head and heart of gold. Are there any other avid readers or students out there considering a Kindle? Will you be purchasing a little library in a cute little gray box to?

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