Monday, August 6, 2012

Drake Is In Love!

  It's no surprise why Drake would have such an immense love and attraction to Aaliyah the girl was drop dead gorgeous,talented and left an unforgettable legacy those are qualities that are hard to ignore. Drake furthers his addiction to the singer by getting her face tatted on his body, and thus has another new ink in tribute to the late singer

The 416 stands for Toronto's area code and the 116 stands for Aaliyah's bday January the 16th. Drake also debuts his track in which he features on an Aaliyah song Enough Said

  What do you think of Aaliyah and Drake's track together and do you think the singer/rapper maybe taking his Aaliyah love a bit far? I mean if Drake were any other guy would you dust his love affair off your shoulders? Imagine you can Drake not celebrity Drake but Drake before his music domination is talking to you at the beach suddenly he takes his shirt off to take a dip in the pool, do you give Aaliyah's face on his back the side-eye?


  1. Type your com

    Great post !


      I think yes but who am I right ?! :P Love your other posts :)

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    ment here.

  2. I think this guy must be crazy. Okay Aaliyah was beautiful and talented but what's that obsession, at the point of acting like if she is a queen :/ This is abusive. When I think that he insulted the girl who got his name or face (I can't remember) tattoed on her face LOL

  3. ThetiffanyannabelleblogOctober 2, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    lol had no idea he was obsessed!  Well if we ever bump into ...thats something to talk about

  4. Totally taken this too far! Danielle / xx

  5. cool tatoo :)