Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Find Out Why You Are So False?

  You are so false, false eye lashes that is! I want another pair of false eyelashes put in for my birthday I have loved them ever since prom. My lashes are already kind of medium, a bit over medium as far as length so I have to buy them big and loud style. Long dramatic eye lashes fit me so well I love to just flutter my lashes while I have them in from time to time, and I was looking through Amazon when I saw this luscious pack of  10 lashes for a mere 2.83! My lashes can get a bit long with mascara but they're not exactly thick either and that's what I want thick lashes.

Check out the pack of 10 I found

   What do you guys think pretty awesome find on Amazon right? If you know any places where I can get some thick Broadway singer lashes let me know in the comments toodles!


  1. GREAT!!!


  2. That is a super great deal on the false eyelashes. You should definitely buy them if you haven't already.