Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Maximize You Closet!

  Hey guys, I want to confess something..."I am an outfit repeater,but  the only thing worse than an outfit repeater is an outfit rememberer"! Has anyone else seen the Lizzie McGuire movie where that scene between Lizzie and Claire when she's leaving from junior high, oh am I just that old... Besides my prehistoric existence, lets talk about outfit repeating, the skill of recycling an outfit is a grand old one, that can save you cash and maximize your closet in the easiest ways.

  1. Layers are your best friend, a chambray jacket, or maybe a cardigan a great leather jacket or even a vest, layers can completely switch up a look trust me.

2. Accessories can make a world of difference, how much color or sparkle, or lack thereof can make a big enough difference. From taking a sweet girly look with bauble earrings and maybe even a bow, to a rocker chic look with no earrings and a spiky cuff bracelet the options are endless for the look you want when getting a good grip on the kinds of jewelry that can best differentiate between the 2 different looks. 

3. Hair! Your hair can change a look trust me I know. When people see you they see the whole picture, from makeup, hair and jewelry, so don't think your hair isn't a factor when it comes to your outfit little changes can mean a lot.
4.Get creative! I find so much fun in styling different outfits and different looks I lay out a good majority of my clothes(taking them all out would cause me to be overwhelmed and faint have you ever really realized just how much you have in your closet until there's a monstrous mountain on your bed and you have to sleep on the couch because you couldn't put everything back with enough time to sleep). 


  1. cute blog!


  2. thank you @Anthony Carmen and layering is part of the reason why I like cooler seasons to begin with lol

  3. Awesome post with awesome tips! My favorite is layering with different options! You can make things last a long time by mixing them all up in new ways! :)

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