Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Cheating On You

  It's true, I finally have the strength and backbone to tell you guys, but I've been cheating on you guys! I have been doing some extra blog posts on fashion,beauty, makeup and etc. on and you should check it out. When you sign up you get points for doing things such as leaving comments and creating posts after getting so many points you redeem them for gift cards, makeup,gadgets all that fun stuff right.You guys have probably noticed I've taken to to some extracurricular such as and and the reason is...I CAN'T DROWN IN COLLEGE DEBT! I know I need to be more positive and I am, but it's a process guys and I need to do whatever I can, to get any cash I can, to save and put in my new shiny bank account I get for my bday August 16th .
    Besides a few other internet ventures to garner some kind of funding or free stuff,I applied to a sales position at Sears, that I feel really good about and trust me my first paycheck is going straight to the bank. The Sears job would be amazing for me, I can finally get some working experience, exercise my fashion taste, helping those with clothing choices and that employee discount, can you imagine the OOTDs? ,I'm a great candidate I have a young point of view on clothing and I'm a fresh faced, goal oriented individual I am going to be a beneficial member of  someone's store whether it be at Sears or not and I claim that, so any extra help can't hurt right?
    The extra activities I have partook in is all about exercising my will, where there's a will there's a way and I trust I will find my way whether it's while I'm swagging at Swagbucks, creating extra posts at, creating extra posts about Science Fiction everything at, gathering points at, doing surveys at Fusion Cash, and creating lunch ideas because I am surely bringing one with me to college, some day I will be discovered and I'm going to be the next big thing I can feel it in my guy. 
  Whether the stress decides to gnaw at my head that knowing feeling of success lies in the pit of my stomach , some day I'll look back at this post and say I knew it all along as I sit back in my spinny chair looking at my Deejay Speaks empire. 

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