Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Ready To Fall....Into Autumn

  I'm ready for fall fashion, not necessarily school though bleh. I'm always obsessed with experimenting with different textures in the fall I feel like it's an awesome way to add diversity to the dark colors without it looking like an oil spill went down in there. A few Fall essentials I'm stocking up on include thee below:

Getting Ready For Fall

A good new few pieces of denim jeans always necessary for the colder season. Maxi skirts are something I've never experimented with because I was always afraid I couldn't pull off that amount of fabric but if I can pull off maxi dresses then why not the skirts right. I chose a basic black maxi skirt that can be worn more than once, a cheetah print maxi because that's always been big in the fall, and a plum burgandy maxi because I enjoy the color. A motor cycle is necessary for the look I wish to pull off this year something tough and edgy, a blazer so I can add that hint of androgyny, and chunky sweaters because it's simple and I get cold easily. The last but not least the peplum,black lace top I love it,it's perfect for my look this fall seriously, need I even give reason as to why this needs to be in my closet. The lace is a huge trend that's definitely going to take off like I had predicted the year before and I want to but a lot more black lace, but not so much I begin looking like the Spider-Lady no offense to the Spider-Lady I just would hate to copy her look is all. Part 2 for accessories is coming right up!


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    xoxo ♥ Shar


  3. Amazing A/W picks, I'd wear everything here! Danielle xx