Friday, August 24, 2012

Is Your Face Ready For The Fall

 Fall, is all about the darker undertones of the cooler weather.

Fall Makeup!

Fall Makeup! by deejaystyles featuring a matte eyeshadow

Besides, getting your fall makeup together how about the health of your skin. My skin care tips for the fall, that specifically work for me is
1. Moisturize that skin! I use shea butter, in the cooler weather it's a thicker moisturizer coats and seals the skin and it's just enough for the dry, cooler, weather.
2.Hydrate! You must drink water for health, for life, and for your skin water helps hydrate those lips to and we all know that when the weather gets cooler the lips can get the crackin. Water and a good stick of Carmax chapstick, and a good face scrub become my best friend, in maintaining smooth lips.
3. Mask that face! In the winter it's about using more lotions, more creams, but there is a such thing as too much. I use a mint julep mask to absorb and take out any extra,oil or sweat and then moisturize my skin  lightly over again, thus after to keep my skin supple and smooth.

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