Monday, August 6, 2012

Link Love Monday!

  Alright Nana Granada of Tales of Shopaholic shares with us her D.I.Y. Heart Shaped Cut Out Top it's a very simple process and the product is very cute be sure to check that out outs Robert Pattinson's hiding spot since the whole "the world knows your girlfriend cheated on you mate", thing

4aces shows you what to wear to a 90s party!

IFB shares us a few tips inspired by Ryan Lochte and one inspired by Nathan Adrian  you gotta read it to understand why it was so hard to keep me from giggling out loud

I have fallen in love with a new blog, it's the most amazing D.I.Y. blog yet it's called P.S. I made this you need to check it out like now, I'm giving you permission to leave my blog and eyeball the awesomeness that is that blog

Swagger New York declares that Clueless(my favorite television show when I was younger I wanted to be Dionne with that braids so fierce) is making a comeback in your closet

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