Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking Back

  I start school Wednesday and I want to create this post so I can look back after the school year is over and confirm that I didn't need to be as stressed out as I have been. I want to look back at this and laugh and shake my head, I want to look back and tell myself  "I can't believe I've underestimated myself so badly". My worse worries are compiled of  simply being afraid of the unknown. I remember panicking before I started high school about how badly I didn't want to go but I got through that, but this isn't high school it's college. I hope that I will look back and be able to say "I made it through the year", my goals for the school year are

  • Get all As and Bs
  • Dedicate extra time on my math class
  • Get confident in my math skills
  • Navigate the campus smoothly
  • Becoming a substantial writer for my paper
  • Manage both a job and my school work and this here blog
  • Stay organized
  • Less stressed out

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