Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Through The Archives

 I had a list of goals this summer and although I may not have reached all of them, I did indeed reach some bigger goals and lessons I wasn't even aware to reach.

  • Lose 5 more lbs.
  • Get some head shots done
  • Get graduation pictures done
  • Work on my book
  • Do amazing on my finals
  • Driving lessons
  • Get up to 50 followers
  • D.I.Y. a pair of these biscuit shoes I have
  • Get a job
  These goals are from my original post you can see here

  Looking back on that original post I'm amazed at what I have achieved. I am typically so hard on myself all the time about not getting to all of the goals I have made for myself that I lose sight of all the things I have done in the past. Check out the goals above lets see what I can cross off

  • Get up to 50 followers
  • Get graduation pics done
  • work on my book 
  • driving lessons not many but I'm not technically of age or of permit to be driving anyway
  • I didn't D.I.Y. my shoes but I did D.I.Y. a pair of pants which you check out here and I still can D.I.Y. my shoes now that I think about it, I have studs left over yay! 
  • I did do amazing on my finals just sayin
 I didn't exactly do all of what I wanted but I still have time to do whatever is left over, and I did reach some goals I was unaware that I even wanted to reach such as

  • Being more positive
  • becoming a better person
  • realizing optimism isn't a weakness it takes great strength to maintain faith and happiness 
  • I went thrifting
  • I had a great time with my friends
  • I joined IFB
  • I did more networking through both IFB and Fash Det
  • I sent in my interest in writing for The South End my school's newspaper
  • I took more initiative
  • I took more responsibility for myself
  • I recognize I have a problem with being too hard on myself but I'm fixing it day by day
   I realized looking though my archives I need to understand that not everything you want happens the way you want it too, or when you want it too. Life is about how you see it, and how you handle it when it does happen, because it will. You must have faith that the things you want to achieve will come to you once you believe in them. Don't stress out about the things you haven't done, perhaps it wasn't in the cards for you, but regardless of what's in those cards you've got to play them the best way you can.
   Never give up on any of your goals because if you lose faith in them you could be missing out just when the opportunity presents itself to you. I can never give up that's the bottom line. I don't have a choice in the matter, giving up has never been an option. I've never had the luxury of simply not trying anymore and I see the blessing within that as well.
     I see that through hard situations it is building my endurance, carving and shaping a better me to come out on the other side so that I'm ready to appreciate and put in the necessary work to my life. I may not have accomplished all of what I wanted in this immediate time, but I will eventually and I'm proud I haven't given up. I've played my cards the best way I specifically can. Reflecting on all the good that you've done is just the necessary motivation to do more, at least for me it is.

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