Monday, August 20, 2012

Monochrome Much


Greeeeeeeey by deejaystyles featuring skinny jeans

Above is what I find to be the perfect example of monochrome, many find it boring, blah and just plain bad but I think it's interesting. Monochrome outfits have the potential to exercise your creativity skills, and be fun at the same time. I saw an article on College Fashion that I simply fell in love with you can check out the article here

Tips for doing the Monochrome challenge!

1.Make sure you top and bottoms differentiate in shade or you'll look like a marker, and unless you want to look like a marker that decision is your's.
2. Make sure to play with texture it can give your outfit visual interest.
3. Prints are your friend!If you have an argyle sweater, with shades of pink interlaced through out, wear one of those shades as a bottom, prints will give you more color shades to play with in your outfit.
4. Accessories! You have on a dark blue blazer, light blue top and dark denim wash skinnies, add some silver earrings! Accessories can really take center stage when playing with monochrome taking the look to the next level.
5. Neutrals can put you to sleep. I love neutrals, my first and favorite neutral color is black, but I wouldn't wear all black everyday because it can get very blah, and uninteresting losing the zest and love you once had for your closet, and that is definitely a NO. So when playing with neutrals once again play with jewelry or layers to keep it interesting.
I do believe I shall take on this challenge soon, my styling senses are tingling, until then guys toodles!

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