Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My First Day Of School

  My first day of school consisted of me being entirely too early for a class but that was fixed, and handled shortly thus after. My teachers are cool,so that's great, I didn't get lost at all which was super great. My entire 1st day of school was kind of what I imagined, it's what I prepared for. Note to self, bring a jacket, I wasn't prepared for it to be cold by no means in the class room giving Michigan's moody weather.
   The only thing on my mind now is how I'm going to pay for school. I'm willing to do what it takes and sooner or later something is going to come my way. I'll be selling clothing on Ebay soon, I'll be listing my prom dress again for the homecoming season, and like I said something will happen so it's more of a matter of me holding just as much faith as I have put in effort. I've put in the effort to acquire a job, and scholarships and I'm not giving up, either God is testing my will to be determined and my will to keep believing in him even though I am facing difficulties.
   I'm calling this The Year of Patience. I've put in the effort, but I haven't had the necessary patience, and without patience you are cluttered with doubt, and I should have no doubts because I know for a fact God has a plan for me, he's gotten me this far, he's gotten me to the place I need to be, and he has protected me through it all, I can't abandon him, nor can I abandon his plan just because everything I wanted hasn't hit it's deadline. So with that I'm prepared to share with you a Back to School College Look!


College by deejaystyles featuring ear cuff earrings

I feel like this look is casual, fashionable and comfortable for college. I know many college students are very adamant about showing up in pajamas because it's comfy and easy to roll out of bed, but when you have a professional job you can't roll out of bed and got to work so I figure don't start the habit you won't have to break it. I love that the shoes are easy to walk in, the dress is not clingy, the cuff will not make noise during a test or those awkward super quiet courses, and the ear cuff still manages some personality in the look. I am in love with the ear cuff it's called the Warrior Cuff from Asos I am amazed! By the way check out my Facebook Page I recently added a Polyvore app you guys can play in my page is


  1. These items together are perfect!! Would love to see you rock them! :)

  2. Hope Adela PasztorOctober 2, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    Love the bold cuff! =)