Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Summer Look Book

  Summer is coming to a fast end in Michigan. It seems like just yesterday it was 80 and now were skimming between high 60s and low 70s, that's the kind of weather I don't like. How do you dress for a warm/cold environment, with a gorgeous sun that loves to confuse and abuse you? I will save my Fall fashion and" lack of it in my closet rant" for later but right now lets take a lovely trip down memory lane.I was the girl who NEVER wore skirts, or shorts or dresses. I never liked my legs, I wasn't a huge fan of my body and dresses   can really put the bod on a platform you know. Dresses were some kind of foreign alien things to me and I wanted no parts of them on top of my body issues I used to define myself as wanting to be a tomboy. I wanted to be a tomboy because I thought tomboys were cool, they were tough and strong, awesome at sports, on top of wanting to be a tomboy I didn't want to be a girly girl more than anything( I'm laughing as I type this). Girly girls are often depicted to be weak, silly, and snotty then I recognized that the world has a way of giving people these 2 dimensional views on  each other, not every girly girl is like that of the movies, not every tomboy is so strong and I have a right to be who ever I please regardless of tomboy or girly girl I don't need a title I can just be Dinesha. I can be strong, feminine and fabulous and be myself! So I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite looks of the Summer as much as I did, and now I'm a bit excited to see what I'm going to do for the Fall toodles!


  1. @ashi p thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. my best look is the long pink maxi dress and I totally agree with you on the weather, Houston is lowkey acting that way. you have lovely legs! show them off, can't believe you said that but i enjoyed the post ;)