Friday, August 10, 2012

Netflix Must See!

    A Netflix must see is currently The Secret, you guys know I have been reading The Secret and getting through the steps to being more positive,understanding the laws of attraction, and simply growing as a person. I decided to look at my summer as a very educational growth period I didn't necessarily get all that I wanted but I received what I needed. I learned how to better handle rejection, how to better handle my frustration and change my perception on things this summer through The Secret.
    The Secret depicts the grand scheme of things about our universe, regardless of religion The Secret applies to everyone,everything, every situation. The Secret is about the law of attraction through feelings and thoughts if you feel hopeless, if you think hopelessly then you will indeed be hopeless. The universe doesn't see you thinking about your bad day and feeling bad about your bad day and saying to itself "you know what I'll cut her a break", it doesn't work that way. You bring about what you think about, that's the underlying philosophy and it's very interesting it has all these factual scientific methods, these great philosophers and iconic muses, historical quotes behind it, but at the end of the movie it's all up to you whether you want to believe it or not. I loved The Secret it was interesting,enjoyable and simply made me feel better about my day, about my life, it made me focus on the things I should be grateful for and all the things I'm not seemed to disappear. My cinematic critique is a stellar 5 stars, but you can always find out for yourself check it out!

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