Wednesday, August 1, 2012

People Don't Have To Understand

   I have begun promoting my blog all over the place, you're probably reading this thinking to yourself "hasn't she been doing this the whole time" "why hasn't she been promoting her blog before" but I'll be honest, before I was shy and scared of who would see it or bring it up in school, but I'm not anymore. I'm not going to walk around being shy about my blog and being nervous about who's going to bring it up or who's seeing it. I'm not ashamed of what I've created, I've created a brand, I have created a safe haven for my thoughts, my views, my creativity and this blog could very well propel my journalism career. I would be crazy keeping this thing to myself right, so I shall not.
  I know when I'm on twitter I tweet and then I begin tweeting and linking, tagging, and mentioning to develop some traffic so more people can join in the conversation, that is this blog. The thing is people will see me who went to school with me, whether it be high school or  middle school and probably college will see those same links, this used to horrify me, but why when I have nothing to hide. I shouldn't be afraid to share my life and opinion with people I'm actually around, when I'm apparently so comfortable with sharing it with strangers so no more fear or stress this blog is here it's apart of me and it's not going anywhere. I will put all my networking media skills into full force until I can develop even more traffic and more of an audience and better my relationship with readers like you! P.S. whoever you are reading this you are so beautiful okay toodles!


  1. great work on promoting! you should do it! but dont worry i used to be like that at first with my blog as well. i was really shy. good luck with it all you'll do great! :)


  2. OMG no way I still get embarrassed when people as me if its true i have a fashion blog I totally get where your coming from, but we shouldn't really feel like that because its our little space and who ever don't like it well they can just close the window lol xxx