Sunday, August 5, 2012

Serena Williams Brings Back The Crip Walk

   Serena Williams works hard, hours upon hours in the gym, days upon days she sweats buckets of sweat. Waking up in the morning can be so difficult when every muscle is yelling battle cries every time you move. A warrior won the battle, defeated the war that was her competition and what do we focus on a Crip Walk, a simple dance, a simple silly obviously done in good fun dance. Whether Serena does the Crip Walk to get her medal now, she was probably going to do one later, perhaps at home, perhaps at a celebration party but Serena was going to do her Crip Walk and you want to know why because she can. I was infuriated that she caught backlash for simply being excited that she won the medal she worked so hard for, how dare you call out, over all the skill displayed when she won "a gang dance", excuse me but any gang that has a specific "gang dance", is either not to be concerned with or it's High School Musical. I appreciate Serena's fun little dance, go ahead and dance you are the champion Serena and I know that she knows she will not let anyone take that away from her.

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