Monday, August 13, 2012

She's Wearing My Dress!!!

  Hey guys I remember my high school years like it was kinda was yesterday I mean it wasn't really that long ago, about 3 months tops if even that, but that's not the point. The point is I remember the pressure of buying a homecoming gown. I wanted a gown that was everything and more, a gorgeous color, some sparkle, and an awesome structure. Here are a few tips about buying your homecoming or prom dress:

  • Don't pressure yourself, this is about you finding something you like to wear while going out and having fun!
  • Don't compare dresses, never. You're supposed to feel like the belle of the ball don't give someone else's dress the satisfaction of making yourself feel inferior.
  • Watch the size. The size of the dress is going to vary, dress hunting in shops will get you a dress a size 3 when you darn well know you're a size 8, I know from experience my dress said about a 4 when I fit a snug 8 or 9. Simply pick the dress you're comfortable in, not the dress that you can't fit now but will be able to fit later, because if you don't fit it later you'll feel more sad than good in your gown, and your gown is supposed to make you feel good!
  • Watch what you eat and drink.If you can eat before hand perhaps you should do so if you're more clumsy with a fork or spoon. If you do want to eat while in your dress take precaution. Who cares if someone thinks you look silly with that hanky in the front of your corset you are practicing safe eating!
  • Eliminate the risk factor of someone being in the same dress as your's by buying your dress ahead of time, I bought my prom dress months before prom actually popped up. 
  • If you do manage to still see your dress's evil twin sister, take it like a champ and make a joke of it. You two make the most gorgeous set of twins anyway, take cute pictures together and take it graciously, and recognize great style minds think alike.
  • If you're wearing a corset be aware of how much you drink, versus how long it takes you to get out of the dress you've been warned.
  •  Have fun, sometimes it's not always about the dress just have fun it's a celebration!
I watched prom around prom time, it's a great movie and fun to watch around party time!

  If you haven't picked out your prom dress, just yet be sure to see this recent relisting of my dress here

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  1. THIS ARE DEFINITE TIPS ALL YOUNG GIRLS SHOULD FOLLOW. I hope you can take a read of my blog: ...maybe it will help you in someway. I always love when new readers come and join too. Thanks and God Bless!