Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping is War

    A war was struck up inside of me when approaching just how do I share my birthday goodies with you, seeings as I recently just purchased a new camera(yaaay!!!!!!!!!!) and I was deciding should I record my haul or simply share it via blogger so I decided to do both, a video will eventually be posted( once I test it out and what not). I feel I was quite smart with my cash this trip because when I was younger I was known for letting money burn a hole in my pocket. I remember getting birthday money and simply making it rain at the mall, but times have changed I have changed. I chose to take my birthday money and invest in other things than simply clothing and you know what I'm okay with that, a matter of fact I'm proud of it. I saved a lot of cash and still managed to get a lot of the things I wanted, and especially with school literally 8 days away I can't go spending my money on just whatever my heart desires.

  First off, I went to Charlotte Russe and bought a dress you're probably thinking "but it's practically fall", this dress can easily be transitioned and styled for fall trust me, even the print is made of fall leaves, it was like a sign! The dress has a key hole back and a baby doll structure. I had plans to go much darker this fall which I shall but I don't want my closet to be blanketed in darkness so it's good to have a few items to mix you  look up from time to time. I can see myself wearing a light brown aviator jacket and dark tights, with simple Mary Jane shoes, walking on campus as the laves fall and scatter at my feet.

I bought this shirt in the name of New Years. This blouse with the metallic collar, won me over it's reminiscent of the H&M lookbook I did a post on here and I also did a post on which further details how metallic gold and silver will be dominating this fall season! I bought this top also at Charlotte Russe

I bought this top for the wow factor. A black peplum top, that comes with a cheetah print belt, with a rose gold buckle all for about 7.00 dollars, and that's not even the shocking part. I bought this top at Meijers! 

I was craving some earrings so I went to Burlington and checked out the monstrous clearance shelf is it cluttered yes, but there is so many treasures in the clutter to find such as these 3.50 earrings!

I saw these big onyx type earrings in Forever21 I love onyx it's my favorite kind of stone. There's something so deeply beautiful about dark colors, like black and dark navy but that's a post for another day.

This little armor ring cost me about a dollar at Forever21 it's giving me a vintage vibe, and yet again we have black stones, that may very well be my newest obsession and I didn't even know it.

The little gadget below will be accompanying me to class and what not it's quite adorable and didn't cost me any limbs, I call this a responsible buy everybody meet my USB drive!

Alright guys here it is, the thing I've been craving since I merely started the blog...A SUBSTANTIAL CAMERA! Cost me about 84.00 dollars and I know it's not a DSLR, but I don't need a DSLR, I need a small point and shoot camera that has more pixels than my phone or iPod. I don't know if you guys knew, or noticed but every picture taken on my blog has been taken from 
My webcam( I still find it to be a financial mistake but it's in the past now)
My phone( the pictures take long to sent to my email for some odd reason but the quality is good in my opinion)
My iPod( the pictures send quickly it's easy to share on networks quickly but the quality can be fuzzy from time to time.
I've been using timer apps on all three of my picture taking devices, my mom recently started taking pictures of me, for me and until I get my stand I think she'll be my temporary photographer fingers crossed! When I started blogging I did it out of hobby, but now I might want to start taking it a bit more seriously which means I need to update photo quality and with this little number I believe it can do so, you're probably wondering why I didn't get something more expensive, but I don't think you need a super expensive camera to have good pictures, does it help of course but with some creativity, proper lighting and practice I think I'll do just fine. 

The bday haul post has come to an end, be sure to check out my outfit I wore will bday shopping here and check out my instagram @deejayzface for things I spotted while shopping until then toodles! 


  1. @Cola thank you and oh yay I'll definitely get on it now!

  2. i'm loving that top with the sequin collar!I have your post up and running on my blog!!Let all your peeps know about it!!Thanks again!

  3. thank you @Laura Collins and the contrast between the color and gold sequins is what really caught my eye

  4. Love the turquoise top with the gold colour. The contrast of colours makes it so nice! x