Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soo Yesterday

  Yesterday was part 2 of my orientation, I woke up kind of blank of emotion, there were excited people prepared to be excited but I wasn't, and not because I was mad or upset but because I was in all black, it was hot, and I was uncomfortable. The room they first placed us in was like a sauna, so when they got into being excited and peppy I couldn't do it, not because I didn't want to be optimistic and cheer but because I was melting at the time so that was pretty impossible. When we arrived outside I met some pretty cool people, and I was suddenly human again and not a puddle.
  The rest of my orientation after the volcano like experience was very enjoyable and I had a great time. I'm nervous tomorrow is my first day and I still don't feel entirely to prepared, I keep looking up my books and I wanted to buy a Kindle or Nook because ebooks are supposed to be much cheaper but it looks like it would be best for me to wait until my first day which leaves me very apprehensive. I know I can do this, but the campus is so large and I am just one dot, on this huge map but I mustn't let it shake me, but I think it has. I don't know how these college students do it, how do they get around so fast and efficiently? I come from a school where there was an upstairs a downstairs and about 3 hallways in total, and 3 staircases I was never late to one class, well my first year I was, but that was only one time, and I was off by seconds.
  So today's focus shall be:

  • Creating the world's most beautifully detailed schedule and studying my map.
  • Creating some outfits
  • Prayer
  • The end
  By the way check out the jacket below that caught your attention to this post

I'm in love I don't think I've ever seen a jacket quite like this before.The fit and structure is strong and classic which are 2 very attractive elements for me and my personal style, but the ombre effect puts it right over the top and thus is why I'm obsessed. 


  1. What a GORGEOUS jacket! Love this dip dye - especially in a leather-like fabric! Pretty!


  2. @TYTY thank you so much and I know that's what caught my eye, you don't see this kind of jacket everyday!

  3. Hope tomorrow will be a better one for you! :) that ombre jacket is hot! The blue and white makes a killer combo!

    xoxo TY