Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teen Wolf Review: Master Plan *SPOILER CITY*

   Teen Wolf Master Plan, met both my high expectations and even more. The beginning intro while Scott works with his mother and Isaac Lahey captured my interest instantly. I love how his mother played such an active role, her reaction to finding out what Scott is, is highly realistic I’m very happy to see her obviously accepting more of the fact that he’s not exactly human anymore.
  When Stiles, is brought back to his home, and his father finally sees him, my heart broke and then melted, yes Teen Wolf has that kind of affect. The level of realism, and intensity between the father/son relationship between Stilinski and Stiles is beautiful you can truly hear the relief in his voice, the worry and weight of stress is lifted from his very gaze as he looks at his son, and like any parent of course the immediately would take notice of the marks, bruises and scars on his face.
   Stiles is both ordinary and extraordinary in this episode he truly represents the human quality of the show. Within all of us, lies a logical mind, where if you personally were confronted with the kind of situation Stiles has been  presented with, you wouldn’t want anything to do with it, but when it comes down to it involving both our friends and family another piece of us seems to be activated it’s not necessarily a superhero but it’s willing to fake it till we make it, and we see Stiles hit a point where he can’t go any deeper than he already has, once his father was involved you see the fear that has been lying somewhat dormant below his humorous surface, he can’t risk his father’s safety he can’t risk his safety for his father’s sake that dynamic was something I found very enjoyable. Stiles eventually follows his gut extinct and inadvertently saves the day at last.
  Scott surprised me, I had now idea that Grandpa Argent was necessarily sick but I did find it odd that Scott even carried whether or not Grandpa Argent was sick or not, and now it all makes sense. Scott poisoning Grandpa Argent so that when given the bite it’s rejected, was genius I wasn’t expecting that from him and I was pleasantly surprised.
   Villain vs. villain, Peter Hale against Grandpa Argent should be a no brainer but it’s not let me explain why. Grandpa Argent started off obviously disliked and his character simply grew to mad, evil, maniacal levels and the level of hatred he gained from the audience, I don’t even want to hear about. Peter Hale showing up has left me with a headache out of this world. Peter Hale’s character kept popping up, with these humorous lines and I was thoroughly confused, were they trying to make us like Peter Hale? Peter Hale had his entire family murdered in the name of power, left Derek an orphan and made him the secretive trust lacking person he is today! Was there something else to the Peter Hale plot, was there some underlying reason as to  why Peter’s character seemed to begin exuding qualities of a comedic tone, you can’t find a murderer funny I was so conflicted in each scene, I wanted to laugh and yet wanted to maintain my thorough dislike of him at the same time!  Hating Grandpa Argent is easy, why are they making it hard to hate Peter Hale?
   I’m proud of papa Argent finally taking the reins and setting his daughter free from his Grandpa Argent’s control, I think he deserves a round of applause.
  I was happy to see Allison get that edginess and she shouldn’t completely lose that, if she can hone her skills and learn that in the proper situations how to focus that level of ruthlessness in the proper direction I wouldn’t mind that at all.
  Lydia handled the whole, “hey so um your town is flooding with the supernatural”, quite well. I love her love, of Jackson. Lydia’s passion and strong love and care for Jackson shows the depth of her character if she simply broke it off with Jackson and ran off with Stiles it would of made me question the relationship between the two, but now it couldn’t be more crystal clear these two truly love each other, but does that mean they will stay in love with each other is another thing, and once that’s figured out then maybe we can see Stiles get a chance.
  Jackson needs to develop some identity, he was constantly fighting to be a better version of himself but never truly accepting himself for who he was, and then he becomes the kanima and he can’t catch a break. I actually began to miss Jackson’s dialogue, and I can’t wait to see his development and how he handles being a wolf under his own control. I also want Jackson to get his issues with his parents he never met resolved to.
  I need to know more about the veterinarian and his daughter pronto!
In short

  • Grandpa Argent was actually looking for a cure to his cancer and wanted to become an alpha betraying everyone. 
  •  Scott switched Grandpa Argent’s pills with mountain ash so his body rejected the bite, he ran off somewhere so whether he’s alive or dead is unknown.
  • Peter Hale is back and not going anywhere at all,
  • Papa Argent works with Scott and now he and Allison can develop bonds and what not hurray!
  •  Jackson is no longer a kanima, he has been released and now he’s a werewolf with the most gorgeous blue eyes on the face of the planet.
  • Lydia is aware of all the werewolves running rampant. 
  • There’s another pack in town and Boyd and Erica get to greet them first yay….no not really that’s a bad thing a really bad thing, that means more possible trouble and more pretty people to make me feel bad about my face!

    We have an entire year to wait for more Teen Wolf ..there are no words for this.

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