Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Geek With The Vampire Diaries Counter On Her Blog

      I don't know if you noticed the big honking Vampire Diaries counter on the side of my blog but it's there for a reason..I MISS IAN SOMERHALDER'S FACE and I miss Vampire Diaries too. I can't wait until it gets back.The last episode left us with *Disclaimer*SPOILERS IF YOU DID NOT SEE THE LAST EPISODE START HERE....
  Okay so the last episode left us off with Elena as a newly born vampire seeing as how she was given vampire blood way back when  her brain was having some bleeding troubles( I don't know the proper medial term don't judge me).Caroline is gone because the council knows her secret and they know all about vampires. Tyler never made it out with her because now apparently Klaus is possessing Tyler . Bonnie made the deal to reincarnate Klaus because she didn't want to lose all her friends seeing as how Klaus is responsible for Damon,Stefan,Caroline,Abby,and Tyler's bloodlines.
    How could they leave us with such a cliff hanger, my heart broke when ending music came on, I couldn't believe it! What part of Vampire Diaries are you waiting to sink your teeth in?

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