Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Last 17 Year Old

     Today will be the last day I'm 17. I'm blessed to be hitting such a milestone, I'm blessed for so many things, my life,my blog,my family,my family,the love I'm continuously surrounded by, and so much more. I turn 18 tomorrow I'm officially no longer considered a minor, I will be looked at society they way I've always been looked at, but this time I can add legal to the list. I want to celebrate today, tomorrow,the next day and for the rest of my life. I want to carry the happy,grateful and loving emotions I carry in my heart throughout my adulthood because I don't think it's the chip on your shoulder,how much you're a fighter,how cold you can be that makes you necessarily successful. I think it's how willing are you to try, how willing are you to see the beauty and happiness in every situation you've ever been. I don't want to grow up with the theory in my mind that the entire world is against me, and that I'm always going to have to fight that's not the view I want for myself I like to think of the world beaming with opportunity, beaming with chances,choices and changes that are happening right as we speak.
   I want to carry the skills and lessons I've learned into this new phase of my life because I need them, I need my faith, I need hope,I need optimism because without you're lost in the dark with no light and no will to find one I can't be lost, I can't give up, there's so many more things for me to do.Whether I'm 18 or 57 I never want to lose my drive, my peace of mind or my optimism. Living a life hopeless isn't a way to live for me, living life coldly because you've been fighting the same fight for so long isn't the way to live. I truly believe that if I put in 150 percent of work and effort, if I follow the path that's right for me, if I make the right choices, never let anything, or anyone hold me back and living fearlessly of this huge place before me it will only get better from here on out, I'm claiming it!

Dress was thrifted from my local Salvation Army, and my earrings from a Beauty Supply pictures taken by my beautiful mother.

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