Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tyra Banks and I

Tyra Banks is an amazing inspiration to young women everywhere. She faced down challenges as a young girl being picked on and bullied for her size and blossomed into a Victoria's Secret model, she took it another step forward developing into a media mogul and having two of her own shows, one the Tyra Show where she tackled issues in our society about race,discrimination,eating disorders, and ultimately always preaching self love. Tyra's other widely known show America's Next Top Model! On top of Tyra being Tyra in all her glory she inspired this makeup look!


  1. Hey girlie love reading your blog!!I have a section on my blog where I "interview" other cool bloggers/artists/designers/etc called Sincere Spotlight and I would love to feature you and your blog if you're interested!!if you are just comment me back on my blog so we can get this thing started lol!!thanks

  2. ok cool!!!whats your email address so that i can send you the questions?!

  3. hi girilie just sent you the questions to your email!!