Friday, August 31, 2012


  I want to take this little picture and blow it up and put it on a poster in my room to remind me always, even though I may not necessarily be "financially successful" YET, I have all the tools right here and I'm well on my way.

So a few things are on the way guys starting with 
  • News on that little project I'm working on but I'm not going to spoil the surprise
  • What I recently bought at the Thrift store today it was 5 for 5 Friday so as a financially stable aspiring college student I don't feel bad about buying a few things
  • An OOTD is on the way
  • I decided to keep doing the Positive Challenge but I think I'll do my reasons in my handy dandy notebook sitting to the left of me, instead of continuously posting them on the blog, I was just happy to share a bit of personal journey with you.

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