Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Did No One Tell Me

  I want an eye shadow palette. I want a great big, huge,bright,and colorful,highly pigmented eye shadow palette that won't cost me several limbs to buy it. I was on Amazon( this was right after I was looking for eyelashes) and saw this huge palette from Coastal Scents for a mere 18.95! I want it now more than anything, it has it's own little place on my goal board.
   I love the idea of playing in makeup but at the moment I'm not in the proper financial place for buying makeup and have been working with my old palettes that don't have many options. Coastal Scents would be a great investment for the price and for how many colors it has 88! You wouldn't hear about me complaining about a lack of eye shadows for a while. Coastal Scents is even brought up in Destiny Godley's video about inexpensive makeup palettes if you want to check it out(we all know you do).
  Lets weigh some pros and cons

  • great for makeup beginners
  • awesome invest for a makeup artist
  • easily accessible to over 88 colors at once
  • comes with that mirror
  • don't take my word for it check out Destiny's below

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