Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Mini Collective Haul

  Hey guys, I've been shopping, and I shouldn't be *hangs head in shame*,. The first shameful purchase was from a thrift store:

   The sweater above shall be my new go to sweater! I can feel it, skinny jeans, perhaps leggings, and a great pair of boots and I'm ready to venture out onto campus as one of the most fabulous bananas you've ever seen! The sweater came up to 1.50!

 I bought this cute little top, for about 1.50, it's a sweet and simple shirt with lots of versatility and come on it was but only a 1.50!

  I bought these two dresses, the first one was 4.75 and the second dress was 5.50 from Meijer! I'm telling you guys do not sleep on Meijer!

I bought my Wet n Wild, Vamp it Up lipstick from Meijer for a 1.89 as well.

I also bought this super dark brown, and or black lipstick from my local BSS(beauty supply store for those who don't know), for 99 cent. The eye liner from Nicka K was about 2.00 dollars and so was the Nicka K mascara.      



                        I bought this bracelet set from Rue21 for 6.00 and the earring set for 6.00.
 I spent below 50 dollars luckily, but I'm not supposed to be doing any personal spending as is, so with that said I shall not be doing anymore spending until January!

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