Friday, September 28, 2012

Aspiration Vs. Inspiration

    Aspiration is the act of hoping to achieve something, a goal.
Inspiration is the process to be mentally or physically stimulated to do something, typically creative. 

     For example, I aspire to become a journalist and am inspired by Oprah, which means my goals is to be a journalist but I'm motivated by the likes of women like Oprah, imagine switching the two. I'm inspired to become a journalist and I aspire to become Oprah, now it sounds like I want to be Oprah and in the process became motivated to become a journalist. 

  Aspiration is great, having goals is amazing for your life daily goals, monthly weekly, yearly having some level of check off points can make you feel proud about yourself and you should. Not everything that glitters is gold though and some goals can do more harm than good, allow me to explain. I don't want to tell anyone there are things you just can't do, because there isn't anything you can't do you literally can do it all,  but there are things you shouldn't aspire to do, or be such as:

Don't aspire to look like someone else.

Don't aspire to act like someone else.
Don't aspire to talk like someone else.
Don't aspire to be someone else.

   You can be inspired by someone else and to apply a quality you see in them and format it to fit you, but to be exactly like them, that's something you should never do and sadly it's seen so much. The funerals of originality have been everywhere. So many people avoid self acceptance like it's the black plague. It's okay to be flawed, we all are!  Don't aspire to look just like the gorgeous girl strolling in the room with the gorgeous brown curls be inspired by her look so you can do a formatted similar look that works for you. It's a lot easier and much better on your confidence when you can recreate a look and apply it yourself and it fits perfectly instead of growing frustrated with yourself as you strive to become a clone. Someone can inspire you to lose weight, but the problem with people who instead of being inspired but aspire to look a certain way is they fail and get discouraged when they don't look exactly like he or she.Never aspire to be someone else, be inspired to be a better you.

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