Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 20 of the Positive Challenge

  I'm volunteering at the hospital, and struggling with the idea of it all. I'm going to work with people. People will be dependent on me, the responsibility scares me, and I've hardly even started. One thing that I really think I'm going to grow out of through this new adventure is my fear of change. I want to approach change positively not hesitantly and fearfully. I want to look at big new things, and not scurry and swear at them! I never realized just how deeply my fear of new changes go. I find myself going from fear of these new big changes and I undermine my skills. I begin underestimating myself and that has to change! I need to accept that I am a force to be reckoned with and I am so much more responsible and capable then how I feel from time to time. I mustn't underestimate myself.

  1. I am grateful I learned something new about myself today.
  2. I am grateful I recognized that I can grow out of my approach to fear.
  3. I am grateful that I think I've found some transportation to get me back and forth to school.
  4. I am grateful I'm saving money.
  5. I am grateful I've found the silver lining in something I'd be otherwise terrified of.
  6. I am grateful for my skill of reflection.
  7. I am grateful I had the time to think things out.
  8. I am grateful I at least went to the volunteer orientation.
  9. I am grateful I signed up for the hospital volunteer work.
  10. I am grateful for all the lessons and opportunities to better myself I've recently faced. 

  1. I look forward to defeating my fear of change.
  2. I look forward to picking up my yearbook.
  3. I look forward to sleeping.
  4. I look forward to my next Soc2020 quiz.
  5. I look forward to growing comfortable and more accepting of change.
  6. I look forward to sleeping.
  7. I look forward to the weekend.
  8. I look forward to tomorrow.
  9. I look forward to having a short school day.
  10. I look forward to my classes ending early. 
If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living-Gail Sheehy 

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