Monday, September 17, 2012

Dress It Up and Dress It Down

  I thought it was necessary to give you guys a full picture as to why, I truly do enjoy accessories and jewelry! You can completely change an entire look, from something you'd see at school to someone you'd see on their way to press coverage at NYFW!

Dressing up and Dressing Down

  Same  simple shirt, similar pants, just switched up the shoes, bags, and jewelry and pow, you have a brand new night time look!

Dress it Up

  Guys, I miss doing more fashion posts on this blog although I do really love my Positive Challenge posts to, I'm going to work on bringing out more of both on the blog and a matter of fact I'LL MAKE IT MY DUTY to do an OOTD tomorrow and a new makeup look!


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  2. I love your sense of style here, these are totally clothes I would wear.

  3. Omg those studded boots! They are gorgeous!