Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding My Signature

    "Can you describe your style?" Describing your style, is such a wide open question, that I've never been able to answer properly, because I find my style went through many phases, as I grow older and come into my own. I have a reminiscent love of punk rock androgyny, and although those things are indeed interesting, I wouldn't describe my style as that, there are aspects of that style that I'm very fond of but that's not it in its entirety. I know, I have an eye for certain things, I know I have a specific taste I just don't know what to call it! I'm 18 and its about time I discover my signature go to, title as far as describing my style.
     I check out all fashion bloggers, and I look at a very wide range of looks. I admire fashion bloggers who have a specific dedication to their looks such as

  •  Little Chief Honeybee who has a strong 50s pin up look with subtle edgy twists
  •  Avant Blargh with her androgynous 60s style
  •  Le Happy has a laid back, dark style chock full of shorts and fishnet stockings
  • Zizzi's Wardrobe, she's very eclectic, very diverse wardrobe pieces she adores mixing prints, and isn't afraid of baring skin, she has a fearless innovation to her looks.
  • My Voguish Diaries is all about femininity and fun sophistication!
  • Nuella Source has a specific, youthful trendy style with a great casualness to each of her outfits
  • Fashion Steele NYC, I love her looks but one thing I noticed is her signature is her amazing shoe collection!!!
   When describing my own style, I don't know what to call it! I like to create a nice structured outfit and look at it as though its a canvas, for my accessory choices. The key elements to an outfit to me consist of:
  1. A structured outfit, that flatters your figure and highlights your favorite part of your body. I [personally like bringing attention to the length of my legs, and making my waist smaller.I really appreciate looking like a tall glass of water!
  2. Sparkle! Earrings,rings, necklaces,and sequins!!!!!! Make me look like a star in the dark sky. 
  3. Bold color, I need it, I hunger for it!
  4. Give and take! If I wear a bold colored outfit,I'll go for structure and subtle sparkle. If I go for sparkle, then I do subtle color and let structure stand out a bit more. 
  5. Experimentation with trends. I love my own personal style, but the real fun is incorporating current trends that catch my eye and experimenting with them as well.

 What do I call my style though?! What keywords do I choose to describe me....

My style is feminine, accessory loving, brightly lit by color, and dabbles in current trends. Deep down inside I'm always inspired by the glitterific Motown mini dresses that had both amazing structure, and shine!!! I think I have my style niche finally narrowed down a bit more, and as time goes on I will have a recognizeable signature!

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  1. How flattering! Thank you for the mention! I've never been able of putting a name on my style but I think casualness is one of my main concern when I dress up. I would also define your style as what you said. It's always better to have our own signature it's what differentiates us from the crowd!