Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Shopped

  I did a little shopping but it was thrift store shopping, on Friday the 5 for 5 was on and popping. I love thrift stores I can shop and look around without feeling bad about it, seeing as how I'm a know what I'm not about to label myself as a simple broke college student, because I won't be for long I'm a working college student, a tough college student, a willing to go the distance college student, I'm a college student with financial wellness aspirations! Broke is such a bold,blunt term with a history being connected to that of bums, of financial hopelessness I'm the farthest thing from hopeless, so with that said I'm coining the Frugal College Student as opposed to just "broke". Now that my epiphany is over I'd love to share with you what I bought!

Casual beige blazer that can be worn with jeans great for the fall.

I bought this top because of the color, the intricate print and I belong to Summer.

Velvet is back and it's taking over! I love the color, the texture and structure of this blazer it can be worn as business casual, for a school presentation or maybe even a date night with the proper accessories, blouse, and shoes.

This is a nice pink, Liz Clairborne shirt, office appropriate and yet adorable.
This number is in need of being taken in, but I like the color it's great for Fall, and I like the print.

Everything was a dollar!

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